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Make Your Own Geeky Treats With These Sweet Sites

Make Your Own Geeky Treats With These Sweet Sites

Gastro Geek is making its return to Geek & Sundry during Open Beta week, and if you’re dreaming of making geeky-themed treats of your very own, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re planning the menu for your next game night, scheming how to take your season premiere party to the next level, or making someone’s birthday extra special, thanks to these incredibly creative cooking sites, you too can make culinary magic happen. (And unlike Gastro Geek, your creations will be edible.)

JustJENN recipes

Jenn Fujikawa is not only one of the esteemed judges on Gastro Geek, she’s also an accomplished and amazing baker with a drool-worthy collection of recipes of her own. From adorable Princess Leia cupcakes to a severed Wampa arm to Batman cookies, you can find something sweet here for just about every flavor of fandom.

You can also find Fujikawa’s delicious recipes and parties on Nerdist,, and Fandango.

The Geeky Chef

You’ll find sweet and savory bites on The Geeky Chef, inspired by some of your most beloved shows, movies, and games. You can even play bartender with nerdy-themed cocktails from Romulan Ale to Mudder’s Milk. And, of course, no nerdy bar menu would be complete without a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

If you prefer treats that don’t leave your brain feeling like it’s been smashed by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick, Griffin Scones, Sansa Stark’s favorite Lemon Cakes, and many more recipes can be found on the site’s archive and The Geeky Chef Cookbook.

Kitchen Overlord

You may have caught a glimpse of the Dune-inspired spice stuffed sandworm bread when it made the internet rounds late last year, and Chris-Rachael Oseland of Kitchen Overlord is the culinary genius behind it.

This recipe site is unique with colorful, fully-illustrated recipes from fan-favorite shows like Warehouse 13 and Farscape. You’ll also find geeky breads, cookies, pies, and more. Oseland is also the author of Wood for Sheep: The Unauthorized Settlers Cookbook, perfect for your next game night, along with other geeky-themed cookbooks.

D20 Cookies

Nerdy Nummies

Rosanna Pansino is one of YouTube’s biggest celebrities thanks to her collection of extraordinary baking videos, Nerdy Nummies. Her recipes and how-to’s are creative and clean, filmed in a bright kitchen and occasionally accompanied by celebrity guest co-stars. Hobbit muffins with Dominic Monagahn and a Star Trek: Voyager cake with Neil deGrasse Tyson are just the tip of the icing-berg. (Be sure to check out Felicia Day making D20 Cookies.)

Pansino is also the author of a cookbook by the same name, filled with treats that are perfect for a science-themed kids’ birthday or just everyday yumminess.


Check out Gastro Geek on #GnSLive today at 5:30 PM Pacific Time to get in on the culinary fun!

Featured image: Jenn Fujikawa

Other image: Rosanna Pansino / Nerdy Nummies

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