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Magic The Gathering Origins Preview: 2 for 1 Chandra

Magic The Gathering Origins Preview: 2 for 1 Chandra

Wizards of the Coast gave us a early peek at one of the planeswalkers for the new Magic: The Gathering card block, Origins. Now, we get to share the card with you! Get hyped!

2015 has been the year of reboots with Mad Max, Jem*, and Jurassic World giving new life to older franchises. It seems like Wizards is joining in on the fun by having the core set focus on the origin of the planeswalkers. The planeswalkers that Origins focuses on are Gideon, Nissa, Liliana, Chandra, and of course Jace. Today we get to check out the Chandra card!

Chandra Origins AChandra Origins B

You’re not looking at two cards, these are two sides of the same card. Yep, bring back your Innistraad card sleeves, cause this set has some double-siders!

The Planeswalkers start off as their younger form and require a condition to transform into the Planeswalkers we know and love. The Chandra card has a pretty cool mechanic that will go perfect in any mono red deck. You can tap her to deal one damage to a player, and she untaps whenever you play a red card. I’m a fan of any card that untaps when it costs no mana to tap, especially when it’s untap trigger is something as simple as playing a card of a certain color.

The fun doesn’t even begin to start until she turns into a Planeswalker, though. Chandra, Roaring Flame is a damage dealing beast. For the people keeping score at home, you do three damage to transform her, eight damage to raise your loyalty point to eight, and six damage when you trigger your ultimate. Did you do the math in head?! That’s seventeen damage with three damage incoming during their next upkeep! Alright, alright, alright.

Trying to swat away nasty creatures early game? Chandra will send two damage for the low cost of –2 loyalty points.

The downside of this card? I can’t image Chandra being that useful in the long game once creatures with a higher toughness than two appear. So, I’d only toss her in my rush down decks or decks with tons of removal to keep her safe.

Either way, I’m extremely excited about this beefy new card!

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