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Check Out All The Magic: The Gathering Deck Lists from Spellslingers Seasons 4

Check Out All The Magic: The Gathering Deck Lists from Spellslingers Seasons 4

Interested in Magic: The Gathering? Be sure to tune in every Wednesday here on Geek & Sundry for new episodes of Spellslingers, where host Day[9] plays epic battles of Magic: The Gathering against fantastic guests!

With Spellslingers Season 4 coming to an end, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate your favorite decks from the season to play with your friends! I’ve taken the decks from each episode, provided you with the decklists to recreate them, and taken the time to give a short description of how those decks work before you try them out for yourself.

Episode 1


In Episode 1, we find Sean playing against Ari Stidham to kick off the season. Amusingly, Ari’s deck had some kicker cards!

Ari ended up playing the Red-Green Chandra deck! This deck ends up wanting to play a few small creatures early on that can tap for extra mana to help get out the big creatures faster than they’d normally get to be played. It has a number of removal spells to help keep tempo or get rid of some obnoxious threats. Beyond that, it has a couple of creatures that can have an extra cost paid for an extra effect like making the creature bigger or potentially doing more damage. Beyond that, it’s all about getting Chandra out and letting her set the world aflame.

RG Chandra

Sean ended up getting the Blue-White Teferi, Timebender deck! This deck is more of a control deck with an artifact/historic theme. Historic cards being new to Dominaria, where any artifact, legendary supertypes, or saga cards can trigger effects. With Befuddle and Gideon’s Reproach, a player can stall until they get Teferi out and keep control of the game. If they get to the ultimate ability for Teferi, they’ll get to take another turn which could be exactly what is needed to win.

UW Teferi

Episode 2


In this episode, we find Sean facing combat against Clare Grant.

Clare ends up spinning up the Black-White Saga Knight deck. This deck is all about making tons of knights, specifically tokens, and then getting to the 3rd turn of the History of Benalia Saga where all of those knights receive +2/+1 for the turn. Beyond that, it has creatures that help make your other knights stronger and has a lot of good removal spells focused exiling tapped cards, destroying non-legendary cards, or making enemy creatures weaker.

WB Saga Knights

Sean finds himself piloting White-Red-Green Legendary & Kicker deck.

The goal for this deck was to generate extra mana through the Elfhame’s druid ability to tap for 2 mana when paying for kicker spells in addition to generating extra mana in general through Llanowar elves and the ability to search up extra lands through some of its spells. Additionally, it has some Elf synergy with Marwyn getting bigger with each other elf you play. While tri-color decks can be tricky to play, this one has enough mana-fixing that it can get ahead and just start getting those big, nasty creatures out or playing good removal through its kicker spells.

WRG Kicker


Episode 3


Episode 3 has Sean battling it out with Ashley Clements whois a bit newer when it comes to Magic: The Gathering.

Ashley ends up getting the Red Sarkhan deck which is all about what red does best: aggro and direct damage. This deck has a fair amount of dragons and flying creatures with spells that can either do direct damage or pump up the creatures for extra damage. If the deck gets Sarkhan out, he deals with 1/1 tokens exceptionally well and helps you get all of your dragons into play if you manage to use his ultimate ability.

Red Sarkhan

Sean gets the Blue-Green Ramp up to Big Creatures deck. It has a bit of control with its Blue cards and some creatures that can return creatures to your opponent’s hand. It definitely has a healthy dose of counterspells to ensure your opponent isn’t getting out key cards. It has a bit of direct removal with the Green. Its main goals are to just ramp up your mana, similar to the Red-Green deck from episode 1 so that you can get those big nasty creatures out faster in hopes your opponent just can’t deal with it.

UG Big Creatures Ramp

Episode 4

Spellslingers FI

Steve Agee throws down with Sean in this wonderful episode! Like Ashley, Steve is new to Magic, but even more so than her.

Spinning the wheel of utmost production value, Steve gets the purely White Ajani deck. This deck does exactly what white decks do best in the same way red decks turn your creatures sideways. This deck has tons of small creatures, ways to gain life, or just making your small creatures even bigger with +1/+1 counters. If you manage to get Ajani into play and use his ultimate, you’ll put +1/+1 counters on a creature equal to your life total which should hopefully be substantially more than your opponent.

White Ajani

Sean matches up against this pure White deck with a pure Blue Tezzeret deck. Control comes more in the form of enchantments for this deck. Otherwise, it focuses on getting artifact creatures and strong artifact support onto the field so that you can play Tezzeret. It also focuses on card draw so that when you use Tezzeret’s ultimate ability, you can place any number of cards from you hand facedown making them 5/5 artifact creatures instead of whatever they may normally be like pesky, useless lands!

Blue Tezzeret

Episode 5


Christina Ochoa must fight against Sean’s boyish glee in Episode 5. Christina’s energy, however, definitely is a step above Sean and his inability to be a real human being.

Christina spins the wheel and ends up with the new Green Vivien deck. Vivien is completely new for the new Magic M19 Core set. With straight green, this deck looks to ramp out big creatures with trample so that you can just run roughshod all over your opponent. Vivien helps you with the control aspect of making your creatures bigger, helping you scalpel out pesky defending creatures, or she’ll make your creatures real big and stompy if you end up getting to use her ultimate ability.

Green Vivien

Calling it perfectly, Sean gets the pure Black Liliana deck to face down those swoll green men. Like pue Black does, this deck has tons of zombies and ways to manipulate graveyards. With spells that outright destroy creatures, make creatures weaker, or simply disrupting your opponent’s hand, you’ll always have some way of messing with your opponent’s plans. Liliana makes your opponent lose life as her standard +1 ability and if you manage to use her ultimate you’ll be able to destroy 2 creatures and bring back 2 creatures of your choice to do battle!

Black Liliana

Episode 6


Kyle Hill has the science to explain why Sean might have trouble beating him in Episode 6.

Kyle spins the wheel and ends up with the Blue-Black-Red (Grixis) Nicol Bolas deck. Like with many three-color decks, this deck has lots of diversity. Its goal is to play tons of control in the forms of counterspells, destruction of creatures, or just direct damage. Ideally, you’ll get out the Nicol Bolas, The Ravager card which is a creature that you can pay mana to activate and turn into a planeswalker. That Planeswalker does everything! You get to draw cards, do direct damage to a creature or planeswalker, bring creatures back from the graveyard to the battlefield or worse. That worse thing is Nicol Bolas’ ultimate which exiles all cards from your opponent’s library but the last card.

UBR Grixis Bolas

Sean lucks himself into the Red-White (Boros) Tokens deck. This deck wants to get tons of small creatures out as quickly as possible so that you can swing with all your tokens. You mix all of these small creatures into the mix with cards that make them stronger, give them haste, or simply let you swing without tapping all of your little creatures. Overall, you want to be aggressive, but you have to squeeze as much damage out of your deck to do it before you run out of steam!

RW Tokens Gone Wild

What’s Next?

If you want to see how these decks fare against one another and who ends up victorious, then follow the links to those episodes and see for yourself. I’d tell you, but I love for there to be some semblance of mystery. I absolutely loved watching this season and look forward to seeing what comes next! May the cards always be in your favor and always remember the 3 best words of Magic: The Gathering: Draw. A. Card.

What was your favorite match to watch? What did you find most fascinating with this season of Spellslingers? Let us know in the comments!

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Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast

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