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Maggie Rhee’s Top Badass Moments from Last Night’s The Walking Dead

Maggie Rhee’s Top Badass Moments from Last Night’s The Walking Dead

We’re talking about the latest episode of The Walking Dead, “Go Getters,” so if you aren’t caught up with the show, beware: spoilers ahead!

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead brought us back to Hilltop, and offered us our first check-in on Maggie and Sasha since the season premiere. Those two women have been through a lot since the season premiere, both losing their significant others in a horribly brutal way, right in front of their faces. But this episode showed the mettle Sasha and Maggie had.

And while Sasha most definitely proved herself a loyal friend and a fierce Negan adversary alongside of Jesus, Maggie had an episode of pure badassery that showed us she’s on the fast track to Hilltop leadership. And that can’t come a moment too soon, since Gregory is an easily dominated, weak leader who literally knelt before the Saviors. This episode showed that Maggie does not break easily, and while there were several moments of her brilliance in this episode (and don’t get me started on the adorable little family unit she’s started with her, Sasha, and Enid), three moments stood out as exceptionally badass.

Maggie, a Tractor, and the Saviors

Everyone knows Maggie can hold her own against a walker.

Maggie walker

Fighting walkers is pretty awesome. Fighting walkers when you’re recovering from a personal tragedy and medical emergency is equal parts badass and reckless. But fighting walkers after a personal tragedy in a manner that both (mostly) obeys your doctor’s orders of sitting around more and manages to take out walkers and the car blaring walker-attracting music? That’s pretty badass. Maggie manages to do this by commandeering a nearby tractor, and puts her farm girl skills to work kicking zombie ass and taking names. This is the kind of stuff people immortalize in song and sing to traveling adventurers in taverns, y’all.

Maggie and the Original Tractor

But how did Maggie think to weaponize a tractor? Sure, she grew up on a farm, but the fact that we’ve not seen tractors used to take out the undead before shows that it’s not one’s natural train of thought for someone to plow over a walker herd like you’re working the back 40. So how did Maggie come up with this one?

Turns out she’s an old pro at weaponized tractoring. When Enid asks about the rumors swirling around Hilltop (and becoming immortalized in drinking songs, no doubt), Maggie non-chalantly informs Enid that the rumors were true, and it wasn’t her first time rolling over a car with a tractor. In high school, Maggie proved herself not one to be messed with by crushing her ex’s heart and car with a tractor. In Maggie’s own words, “it was a Camaro, and then it wasn’t!” So basically, Maggie’s been a badass since day one.

Remember Her Name

Maggie HilltopMaggie Rhee

But all of that ingenious walker-fighting and hilarious backstory only makes her a good soldier. Maggie’s more than that though. She’s a leader. After months of mentor-ship from Deanna over at Alexandria, Maggie did not take kindly to Gregory’s patronizing, forgetting her and Sasha’s name, and his literal and figurative kneeling before the Saviors. Still, she kept her diplomat hat on, and tried to think of a way to convince Gregory to let her and Sasha stay.

That is, until Gregory tried to convince Maggie that the Saviors “weren’t that bad.” Once that happened, Maggie ripped off her diplomat hat, punched Gregory in the face, and told him to, “say my name!” Okay, that might be a bit of an embellishment on my part, but you get the idea. She had her Heisenberg moment, and it felt like a turning point for Maggie.

Of course, the writing is on the wall for where this is headed: Maggie leading Hilltop Colony. Jesus saw her leadership potential when he forced Gregory to step down as leader, and Sasha has always seen Maggie’s penchant for leadership. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t think of a better leader than one who punches douchey leaders and knows how to use a tractor in combat, can you?

What did you think of this week’s episode? What was your favorite Maggie moment? What are your predictions for next week? Tell us in the comments! 

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