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Look Out Gamers, It’s Dungeon Master Donald Trump

Look Out Gamers, It’s Dungeon Master Donald Trump

Sometimes one photoshopped image is enough to start a dynasty. That certainly was the case with the new parody Twitter account “Dungeons and Donalds” (@DungeonsDonalds)  which added a DM’s screen and some dice to the infamous “Taco Bowl” picture and then went on from there.


  Reading the accounts handful of Tweets it almost seems too easy, but of course nobody else thought of it. “Make Dragons great again!” That’s just too good. Here are just a few more great ones:  


While it might be hard to see it this way, in a very heated political climate the account is not terribly political. Trump has just created a bunch of iconic images and a particular way of talking all good fodder for the feeds mysterious creator. You could actually apply this treatment to almost anyone with a distinct way of speaking. Dungeons and Tim Gunn? Dungeons and Christopher Walken? I’d follow them both.


If this has got you in the mood for some more parody accounts here are a few options. If you want to keep it geeky check out  “50 Nerds of Grey” (@50NerdsofGrey) for some romance…nerd style.


  Or if you want more parodies with Donald Trump read his book reviews here at “Trump Reviews” (@LitCritTrump) which I suspect might have the creators of Dungeons And Donalds.    


Lastly one of the best parody twitters of all time is “TL;DL Wikipedia” (@tldrwikipedia) offering abridged wiki entries with a comedic spin. Trump University is one of their top tweets…topical!


Of course maybe you’d rather create your own parody account. You might consider Photoshopping old photos to include Erika Ishii table flipping.  Perhaps you can invent the most clever Magic: The Gathering cards based on celebrities. I mean its not going to be as awesome as this AI that writes its own Magic cards, but then again what could be? If you do create something fantastic, let us know. Its a special kind of nerd hero who creates this mashups.

What are your favorite Twitter parody accounts? Who else would you want to see given the Dungeon Master treatment? Leave your thoughts in the comments, keep it under 140 characters.

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