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Light Up Your Cosplay With Tech Tats…Eventually

Tattoos. You love them. I love them. You have a permanent memento of something special emblazoned on your skin for all eternity. There’s only one major downside. No, not the pain. Not the permanency. Not the regret of etching your girlfriend’s name on your chest only to get dumped two weeks later. The real problem is that they don’t light up!

Until now.

(Okay, so they’re actually temporary tattoos)

Technology studio Chaotic Moon has created electronic temporary tattoos. The real purpose of the tattoos is actually for things like streamlined medical monitoring and other data transfer. Imagine if you could have your annual physical by applying a tech tattoo instead of going to the doctor to get poked and prodded. Now imagine if you could carry your ID and money with a chip on your arm so you could keep your hands free at a convention. And how amazing would it be if these stick-on bots could monitor blood sugar in diabetics or notify a patient of a life-threatening allergic reaction? If you’d like to read more on the intended purposes, check out their blog.

But if you’re reading about Tech Tats here at Geek and Sundry, then you probably opened this article for its less-than-technical applications (read: cosplay).

So how do electronic tattoos work and how can I make my skin light up? Cause I kinda need this for my cyber…um…okay so I don’t know exactly what cosplay I’ll use this for, but I’ll find something. Maybe a Borg. Anyway, the tattoos are made using conductive paint to create circuit boards that connect a power source to LED lights and biosensors. You probably don’t need the latter for cosplay purposes though. Apply it, light up, and easily remove it when you’re done.

(Conductive paint connecting a battery to a chip. Not a final tattoo.)

Unfortunately, these exciting electronics are not available to purchase just yet. It doesn’t sound like they will be expensive though, so we’ll just have to keep our eyes on Chaotic Moon until we learn more. In the meantime, tell us how you would make use of these cool temporary tattoos in the comment section below.

Photo credits: Chaotic Moon Studios

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