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Get Ready for Legion and Emma Frost–Two New X-Men Shows in the Works

Get Ready for Legion and Emma Frost–Two New X-Men Shows in the Works

This just in my fellow mutant fans: Fox Networks and Marvel are in development of two new X-Men based television shows. Fox is developing a show based around the villainous Hellfire Club while FX has just ordered a pilot centered on the character of Legion.

Now bare in mind, both these shows are in development. Plenty can still go wrong along the way. But with Fox Networks having yet to really put their X-Men license to use, it’s likely at least one of the projects will go through. I’m more mixed on the Hellfire Club, but I’ll get to that shortly. What I really want to talk about is Legion.

X Men Legacy Revanants

Photo Credit: Mike Del Mundo/Marvel

David Haller, a.k.a Legion is the illegitimate son of X-Men founder Professor X, is a mutant with incredible power, but is afflicted with multiple personality disorder and is frequent host to otherworldly entities.

For a long time, Legion was treated as more of a plot device, popping up every now and then to cause trouble on a dimension shattering scale. Then, around 2013 came Simon Spurrier’s X-Men: Legacy series. The series turned Legion into a fully fleshed out character, and treated his multiple personality disorder with great thoughtfulness, and real-world honesty. The series also did what a lot of recent X-Men comics struggle to do in my book, which is capture the civil rights era spirit of the X-Men: the outcasts who must to protect and save a world that does nothing but hate them.


Photo Credit: Mike Del Mundo/Marvel

While there hasn’t been any insight on whether the series will be based on Spurrier’s run or any other Legion-based stories, I’m hopeful that team at FX will do one of my favorite X-Men characters some justice. In the meantime, check out Spurrier’s work with the character for yourself, the first volume is only $10.


The first (and far from the last) Hellfire Club

Photo Credit: Buchemi/deviantart

For the Hellfire Club project, my hopes are more anxious. The Hellfire Club is a group of mutant villains who have been kind of an inverse to Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. Both are about mutant supremacy, however while Magneto wants to empower all mutants, The Hellfire Club is out to take over only for themselves. As villains, they’ve had some fun stories (the original Dark Phoneix Saga comes to mind) but they lack the moral ambiguity and passion of good old Magneto and can come off as cartoony.

Well, not all of them; there is Emma Frost.

Brilliant, beautiful, and cut-throat, Emma was a founding member of the club who would go on to become a member of the X-Men, and one of their greatest frenemies. She can be a great character, depending on who is writing her. Emma Frost can range from a complex, morally gray mentor who just wants to do right by her students and allies, to a generic seductress who has psychic affairs with Cyclops. I’m hoping for more of the former and less of the latter.

Emma Frost aside, I am curious to see how Fox handles the Hellfire Club. Centering on the villains is an angle that comic-book shows haven’t tried on television yet. Plus, with the Hellfire Club constantly rotating members in the comics, there’s potential to come up with some original characters or breathe new life into classics like Sebastian Shaw or Mastermind.

Overall, I’m very excited about Legion, and cautiously optimistic for the Hellfire Club. Fingers crossed that they make it through pilot season.

Love The X-Men? Hate The X-Men? Have another superhero team you’d love to see on the small screen? Discuss them in the comments below.

Featured Art: Mike Del Mundo/Marvel

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