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Learn to Fear the Dead in Sagas of Sundry: Dread Ep. 5
Sagas of SundrySagas of Sundry

Learn to Fear the Dead in Sagas of Sundry: Dread Ep. 5

What’s going on with Sagas of Sundry: Dread? Our five heroes have become four.

Last episode, Tanner sacrificed himself to a ravening horde of shambling dead corpses to save his friends from death. Hoping to save his body, Darby summoned the goat-man. The last things she saw was the goat-man standing before her.

But no one else saw the goat man.

The storyteller takes Darby aside and tells her, “The land is cursed. A great darkness infests this land, and craves death. It has been hungering for it for nearly a century. The goat-man was a shaman, and when his two tribes came into conflict resulting in terrible bloodshed, he wished for land to crave death forever. And the darkness granted it to him. Since then, the land has been a place of evil, but granted Simon and Agatha long life. Also, the goat-man can help her.”

Darby says, “I was right!”

The storyteller says, “You were totally right!” And added that she would find her heart’s desire behind a nearby rock. He also tells her the location of a medicine wheel on a nearby mountain where a ritual can be completed which would cleanse the land, and she must seek out the place where the water no longer feeds life, but craves death instead.

Darby tells her friends that the goat-man was there, and told her a lot of important information. They disbelieve her.

Capture 1

Raina says, “He’s trying to help us?”

Darby says, “I think the first time we came he was trying to frighten us off the land because he knew it could hurt us.”

Darby says, “Cleansing the land will bring Tanner back. Maybe.”

Sat says, “Your magical goat man better bring Tanner back.”

Darby says, “I’ll try, I’ll try…”

Darby leads the other survivors behind the nearby rock where she would find her heart’s desire. The four survivors find a red box there, locked.

Unable to open it, Darby remembers to go to the place where the water no longer feeds life, but craves death instead. All of the survivors think of the dry well in the garden at the house…

The four survivors hike a half day around the mountain bluff, back to the house where they found the photographs of dead children earlier.

Arriving, they eavesdrop at the front door. Inside they hear something marching through the house. They need to get to the gardens, where the well is.

They open the door, and creep through the house, and come around a corner to discover the shambling dead that killed their friend Tanner now infest the house. They manage to sneak past all the walking corpses, and enter the gardens.

Capture 4They pad over to the stone-laden well, and seeing something sparkling at the bottom of it, Darby descends into it.

There she finds piles of rotting fresh corpses, and in digging through them, she discovers three rocks, with the numbers 26, 4, and 0 carved onto them. They turn out to be the combination to the lock on the box.

Inside, the survivors find a bowl, a paper with a symbol on it, and a book with pictographs that seem to describe a ritual.

Sat scans the book, trying to pierce whatever riddle is hidden in its images. She learns…

What? We’ll have to wait a week to see what secrets Satine has uncovered in the book. Check out Sagas of Sundry: Dread Thursday on Alpha!

Why do you think people enjoy being scared? Let us know in the comments below!

All images courtesy of Geek & Sundry

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