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Learn How to Setup and Stream Your Own Channel

This post has been powered by iBuyPower.

Welcome to the future. Only the most expensive shoes tie themselves and our robot overlords are still only in the planning phases of global domination, but you can stream your gameplay across the internet to millions of awaiting fans like we do here at Geek & Sundry every week. You don’t even need 1.21 gigawatts to make it happen. Check out the above video with Felicia Day and Zac Eubank as they setup streaming on Felicia’s new computer from by iBuyPower.

With streaming, you can show off your latest games, interact with with your audience, or find a new way to express yourself over the internet. Still looking for ideas? We have you covered. Head on over to our Twitch Channel to check out our content and what we have streaming every day. With the right computers from iBuyPower, the correct lighting, a fully built set, and dozens of people, you too can produce your own crazy streaming channel!

You could also simply sit back and enjoy some of the best content streaming online. Check out the schedule below and we’ll see you in the chat room.

4-7pm: Game Together Tournament Edition with Hector and Ify
7-10pm: Crowd Control with Jessica and Orion

4-7pm: Mines N Crafts with Jessica and Stef
7-10pm: The Pull – comic talk with Amy, Hector, and Whitney

4-7pm: Back To School – new games with Ify and Erika
7-10pm: Concession Stand – movie news with your favorite geeks

4-7pm: Game the Game with Ivan and Becca
7-10pm: Critical Role – D&D with your favorite voice actors

4-7pm: Group Hug – role-playing Heroclix with famous voice actors
7-10pm: Gather Your Party – live music and party games

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