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Last Minute Costumes for TV’s Strong Female Characters

Last Minute Costumes for TV’s Strong Female Characters

We’re just a couple weeks away from All Hallows’ Eve, and unless you’ve spent every ounce of your free time on your costume, it’s possible that you’re a tad behind on planning.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Lucky for us geek-girls, it’s easier than ever to dress up as our favorite female characters, because modern media has been highlighting strong, everyday women for us to relate and look up to all over our TV screens.

Kara Danvers, Supergirl

Kara Collage

Melissa Benoist’s character, Kara, in Supergirl is one of the most relatable characters on TV today, besides the fact that she’s from another planet. Kara is a nervous, clumsy goofball, and, just like the rest of us, she works every day to turn what she sees as faults in herself into trust and confidence.

When Kara isn’t off saving the universe in her famous red and blue costume, she’s in the office or at home in her apartment, sporting preppy sweaters and collared shirts, topped off with her infamous glasses that somehow keep her true identity secret. Step into just about any retail store, and you’re bound to find pieces similar to what we see Kara in, especially during the fall season.

Other notable Supergirl character costumes: Cat Grant, Kara Danvers

Bill, Doctor Who

Bill Collage

We may not have seen much of Doctor Who‘s latest companion yet, but Bill is already making waves in the cosplay community with her edgy sense of style. Sporting a t-shirt based off of an insert from Prince’s Purple Rain album, and the layered necklace look, we can tell just from her outfit that Bill is going to be a blast to adventure through time and space with.

Other notable Doctor Who character costumes: Clara Oswald, Amy Pond, Rose Tyler

Joyce, Stranger Things

Joyce Collage

Joyce lives through a fair few strange occurrences during her arc on the first season of Stranger Things, and her no-holds-barred devotion to her children and will to survive have inspired audiences from the very beginning. She has her faults, as do all great characters, but watching her efforts towards saving her family make her just as heroic as any Kryptonian around.

Find yourself a blue work jacket, name-tag, and corduroy pants for this costume, and don’t forget your streams of Christmas lights.

Other notable Stranger Things character costumes: Eleven, Nancy, Barb

Claire Temple, Netflix’s Marvel Universe

Claire Collage

Claire Temple, played by the incomparable Rosario Dawson, is a huge reason why Netflix’s Marvel superheroes have been able to survive the crime-fighting life they’ve chosen to lead. She saves their lives time after time, and in the case of Luke Cage, has taken a front seat in pursuing and stopping the villains that aim to take down the citizens of their cities.

For Claire’s wardrobe, you can either rock the scrubs or a simple outfit with the addition of surgical gloves, but be sure to throw some fake blood around or paint on a bruise or two. Claire’s always getting down and dirty.

Other notable Marvel character costumes on Netflix: Jessica Jones, Mariah Dillard, Karen Page

Are you dressing up as a character from your favorite TV show or movie? Tell us about it in the comments below, or find me on Twitter @bekahbabble!

Featured Image Credit: The CW

Image Credits: The CW, BBC, NBC, Netflix

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