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Will learns what “deep character roleplay” could mean. . . .

In a LARP, or live action-roleplaying game, players assume the identity of their chosen character and physically perform their actions (as opposed to simply describing them). LARPs: The Series follows a group of friends and their journey through both their imaginary and real lives.

New episodes every Friday!

WILL- Scott Humphrey @SHumphrey1212

SHANE- Elizabeth Neale @ElizabethANeale

BRITTANY- Charlotte Rogers @CF_Rogers

ARTHUR- Jonathan Silver @jt_silver

EVAN- Jon Verrall @JonVerrall

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Julian Stamboulieh @JStamboulieh


Jon Verrall


Benjamin Warner @BenTheCanadian

Executive Producers

Julian Stamboulieh

Jon Verrall

Benjamin Warner

Associate Producer

Elizabeth Neale

Director of Photography

Joe Baron


Julian Stamboulieh

Music Composer

Donny Kennedy

Music Editor & Score Mixer

Kevin Fallis

Assistant Director

Dylan Thompson

Fight Choreography

Jon Verrall

Sound Engineer

Sebastien Lavoie

Sound Editor / Re-recording Mixer

Matt R. Sherman

Foley Artist


Production Assistants

Jessy Bokser

Nicholas Gertler


“Days Into Night”

“Fractal Hands”

Written and Performed by Sweet Mother Logic



“Anomalous Resonance”

“Quantum Manifold”

Arranged by Graviton Flux

“Murphy’s Law”

“The Perfect Draw”

“Four Hour Lunch”

Performed by the Kennedy / McLeod Quartet


Gigi Cohen of Juicy Lotus

Additional Catering

Joanne Cutler and Merv Middling

Opening Animation

Eric Kaplin

Locations Advisor

Michael Marjaba

Makeup Consultant

Sophie Ricard

Special Thanks

Shaina Bronfen

The Cutler Family

Café Kafein

Café Cho’Cola

Kelly Duval

Mia Goodwin

Tamara Marsh

Natalie McLennan

Julia de Saldanha

The Stamboulieh Family

George Sutherland

James Woods

Recorded at

Gift of Sound, Inc.

LARP Costumes & Equipment

Les Artisans d’Azure

A Beanduck Production

Copyright © 2014 LARPs Productions Inc.

LARPs Productions Inc. Ltd is the owner of this series for the purpose of copyright and other laws.This series is protected pursuant to the provisions of the laws of Canada and other countries. Any unauthorized duplication, distribution and/or exhibition of this series may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

Characters and incidents portrayed and the names herein are fictitious, and any similarity to the name, character or history of any person is entirely coincidental and unintentional.

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