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A Behind the Scenes Look at the New LARPs Comic

A Behind the Scenes Look at the New LARPs Comic

We all love the show LARPs around here, and are so incredibly excited about the comic book that is being released to accompany the show. Of course, there are tons of questions circulating about the comic, so I was thrilled to get to chat with the writer, Mia Goodwin, and ask a few questions about what we can expect. In short, the comic sounds fantastic and fans of LARPs will love it!

What can we expect to see from the LARPs comic? 

The comic starts before the show’s timeline, so you’ll see Noctus’s mysterious, dangerous, and incredibly exciting character backstory that helps tie him into the 11th Eye’s origin.

LARPs has become a crazy popular series. Was there more pressure working on something that’s already so well-loved by fans?
This is going to be a disappointing answer, but having drawn the comic before the series was ever released, I didn’t experience any pressure with it. Now, with the series released, if I were to do it all over again? I’d extend it to a full 22 pages and really draw out the tension in the fight sequence. I’d also really take the time to design Noctus’s city, because that is something I really love doing and [didn’t] have the time to implement.

Where did the idea for the comic come from and how will it differ from the series?

Jon Verrall (Evan, the GM in the series) is my best friend and we’ve worked together on various projects together throughout the years. When we’re not working together, we’re supporting each other’s endeavors, generally in enthusiastic cheer leading, but occasionally in more eccentric ways like goofy short stories or songs.

Jon was really putting his all into LARPs at the time and I made the comic as a surprise for him around the first release date. It’s based around a plot my scripting professor used to refer to as “The Most Cliched Story of All Time” and it seemed like the kind of over the top, trying-too-hard to be dark, cool, and gritty power fantasy Arthur might put into Noctus’s origin story. While I love all the characters, Arthur is my favorite because he is unapologetically into both the game and his character and I think that’s pretty cool. (He’s also a ninja assassin…also, pretty cool.)

When The Guild comics released, they served as sort of companions to the series. Though readers appreciated it more if they were a fan of the webshow, you didn’t necessarily have to watch the show to appreciate the comic. Will the LARPs comic be similar, or will readers have to be caught up on LARPs to understand the comic? 

The comic is meant to be a companion to the show to handle a moment that would otherwise go unfilmed. If the comics continue, perhaps we’ll handle their development differently, but for now, it’s meant as an extra to the experience of the show.

 How has working on LARPs been different from the other projects you’re working on, especially since you have a TON of other projects going?

It’s definitely a lot shorter than my other current projects, which is something I actually prefer, as you can do more books the shorter they are. It’s also a lot more light-hearted than the comic series I’m currently working on, which is a horror series called Tomboy. It’s due out in November from Action Lab Entertainment’s Danger Zone imprint.

 Anything else you want to mention about the comic that I didn’t ask? 

I drew myself in as one of the characters and had planned on going to GenCon this summer in costume with everyone, but a sudden new job and a move across country waylaid that idea. Someday though! Can’t keep the Silver Rose down!


Thanks so much for taking time to talk with us, Mia! You can follow her on her website and on Twitter @miagoodwinart.

We are so excited about the new season of LARPs and the comic book. What do you hope to see in the comic book, and what are you most excited about in the new season of LARPs? Let us know in the comments!

Image credit: Geek & Sundry

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