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Keyleth’s Playlist 2016: The Stars through the Rain Storm

Keyleth’s Playlist 2016: The Stars through the Rain Storm

The Critical Role 2016 playlists continues with our beloved, albeit socially awkward, druid Keyleth. Her journey this year has been an emotional roller coaster, and it’s far from over. If you’d like to listen to her list from last year, just click here.

Marisha Ray – Keyleth’s Playlist 2016

Stars by fun.

Let’s be honest, it got dark after the Briarwoods went down. Keyleth hit an all time low and took a good, hard look at how her actions affect those around her. Realizations, reflection, and general acceptance.

Avant Gardener by Courtney Barnett
In my first playlist, I put “Sugar Magnolia” from the Grateful Dead based on my father’s suggestion. Well, I have to hold true to tradition. This one was passed along from my dad with the sentiment attached of, “This song reminds me of both You AND Keyleth.” Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s a compliment… Thanks, Dad. It’s no secret (if the previous song didn’t make this clear) that Keyleth has had issues with recurring panic attacks.

Meta Note: I’d like to point out the line, “The paramedic thinks I’m clever because I play guitar. I think she’s clever ‘cause she stops people dying.” This line reminds me of the Critters. Every time someone comes up to me at a con, or sends an awe-inspiring letter telling us how much the show means to them, it’s always followed by how they’re a rocket scientist, or a badass in the Air Force, or fighting to help rid the world of cancer. You guys are so much cooler than we are. This community is filled to the brim with heroes in their own worlds, and I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of that.

No Church in the Wild by JAY Z, Kanye West, Frank Ocean
Everyone is always curious as to why Keyleth doesn’t have a strong relationship with the Gods; Let me have JAY Z explain.

Sacrilege by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s
…and then she fell in love with a certain rogue of the Raven Queen.

Boys Wanna Be Her by Peaches
Dear Vex, you’re a BAMF.

Matchstick by American Royalty
On the first round of playlists, I put “Strawberry Fields” on there as Keyleth’s ass kicking song. It was darkly whimsical and evoked the idea that she was convincing herself that none of what she was doing was real in order to get her through the horrors. She realizes now there is no room for that type of naivety in war. She’s burning those strawberry fields.

Best of Friends by Pearl Bailey
Oh Percy, my best friend. My hound to my fox.

Pow Pow by LCD Soundsystem
Vox Machina making plans…. like… nearly verbatim at some moments.

Looks Like Rain by Passion Pit
Hey, remember that time that Keyleth controlled the freakin’ weather!? Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

Make Them Gold by Chvrches

There have been many a time where we have proven the fact that Vox Machina is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Individually, we are all broken people. Together, we’re an unstoppable force; a family who keeps each other from falling out of phase.

BONUS SONG: Knights of Cydonia by Muse
Okay, I almost didn’t put this one on here for fear of it being too cliche, and then after a conversation with Greg Tito from Wizards of the Coast, he said, “Oh, but it’s like the quintessential D&D song!” He’s right. So! This one is for you, Greg. For you, and for every adventuring party out there brave enough to play make-believe with your fellow warriors! Kick ass and take names, Critter-nation.

Featured image credit: Nick Robles

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