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Justice League, Civil War, and Suicide Squad Trailers Get… “Weird”

Justice League, Civil War, and Suicide Squad Trailers Get… “Weird”

MAD Magazine‘s iconic cartoonist Will Elder used to call it “chicken fat.” When he drew satirical comic strips (often goofing on superheroes, too), he’d cram as many sight gags as he could into every panel. And sometimes, he’d squeeze in more then could fit. Elder likened these over-saturated funnies to the ingredient in chicken soup that was admittedly “bad for you,” but still gave the dish its flavor.

It’s hardly a leap to suggest that Aldo Jones has read an issue or two of MAD, because these “Weird Trailers” he’s concocted are pretty much the YouTube equivalent of that classic chicken fat. He puts his mitts on superhero movie promos and graffitis them, frame by frame, until they’re just a whole hodgepodge of memes. And sometimes, the digital trickery is so convincing, you might even believe for a second that Danny Trejo actually is playing Wonder Woman.

Here’s the mockery he’s made of Justice League. Among others goofs, it features an Aquaman sports drink endorsement, recasts Eddie Murphy as Cyborg, and reveals Batman’s hitherto-unmentioned collection of Friends box sets. Watch on… and be weirded out?

Emo Spidey struts alongside Task Force X in Suicide Squad‘s Weird Trailer. Other hi-larious hijinks include Amanda Waller’s facehugger dinner, June Moon’s cavernous run-in with Gollum, the Joker’s troll face, and the… harried consequences of Harley Quinn’s neglecting to shave her armpits.

And here’s the Civil War trailer, which has been altered to include some botched stunts, Vincent Vega cameos, Iron Man’s Lincoln Osiris armor, and Spider-Man’s rather one-sided encounter with the Hulk.

Still want more weird? Jones has more trailers on his channel, in multiple languages, ripping on Batman v. Superman and X-Men Apocalypse, among many others. No superheroes are left unscathed.

Did these tickle you? What other flicks deserve “weird” makeovers? Drop your thoughts in the talkback.

Featured Image Credit: Aldo Jones

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