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Just How Many Ladies Has Spider-Man Dated?

Just How Many Ladies Has Spider-Man Dated?

With the unexpected announcement of Zendaya as Spidey’s love interest in Homecoming (and her possible portrayal of Mary Jane, too?), it seems like a fine moment to reflect on all the ladies Peter Parker’s dated over the years. Beyond MJ and Gwen Stacy, he’s romanced co-workers, super-heroines, and even a villainess or two.

Here are a few who have even appeared in previous Spider-Man movies already. As you crawl through this list, do try to determine if our neighborhood web-head has a “type.”

Betty Brant

Spidey GF - Promo 2

Yes, J. Jonah Jameson’s secretary. Office romances have extra obstacles to surmount, and Peter’s first girlfriend wasn’t actually with him for that long. Not only was she (ironically?) looking for a normal guy who could commit more time to her (instead of sneaking off to fight super-villains), she also came to hate Spider-Man after her brother perished during a battle with Doc Ock. Still, perhaps you’ll recall the mutual attraction Tobey Maguire’s Peter and Elizabeth Banks’ Betty exhibited during his “emo” phase?

Captain Marvel

Spidey GF - Promo 3

An office romance at Peter’s other job! In the comics, Spidey has been a full-fledged Avenger, and on a few occasions he’s gone out with his teammate, the dashing Maj. Carol Danvers, A.K.A. Captain Marvel. The two both prove to be equally “career” focused, though, and find grabbing dinner together a lot less… natural than fighting villains side-by-side. However, while Brie Larson has officially signed on to play the Captain in her own movie, any on-screen romance with Tom Holland’s Spidey seems like a moon shot, right now.

The Black Cat

Spidey GF - Promo 1

One of numerous future villains Amazing Spider-Man 2 tried setting up before the game plan changed with Homecoming. Rogue One‘s Felicity Jones appeared as Felicia Hardy, a character better known by her costumed alias. Very much like Batman’s dalliances with Catwoman, Spidey’s on/off affairs with this heiress-turned-cat-burgler have rather solidly established her as the “bad girl” in his love life.

Kitty Pryde

Spidey GF - Promo 4

A “cat” of a different stripe. The X-Men’s lovable and oft-immaterial member had a crush on the wall-crawler from the moment she saw him. Well, in the “Ultimate” universe, anyway. Sort of like how there’s a Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a different one in the X-universe Ellen Page has stared in, this alternate reality Kitty got to a enjoy fairly-long relationship with an alt Peter before he was ultimately killed in action. They did make an adorable couple before things turned tragic, though.

Remember, these are just four out of many names presumably in the wall-crawler’s little black book. He’s also dated cops, lawyers, and even a lab tech who fell in love with him while Dr. Octopus was controlling his body (don’t ask). Suffice it to say, this “puny nerd” has long since resolved any confidence issues with the opposite sex.

Which gal did Spidey seem best fit for? If it turns out that Zendaya isn’t playing Mary Jane, which character would you rather she be? Drop your thoughts in the talkback. 

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