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Jurassic World Terrarium Pudding

Jurassic World Terrarium Pudding

Prepare for the cutest Jurassic World terrarium pudding! Perfect for a dinosaur themed party or just for eating alone!


Pudding Ingredients:

(makes one giant pudding serving)
1.5 cup of milk
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg yolk
pinch of salt
1.5 tablespoon corn starch
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 table spoon butter


Top of Terrarium:
4 oreos
Mint or Parsley as garnish


Put 1 cup of milk and salt into a saucepan without stirring. Slowly sprinkle the sugar in. Heat over medium.


Combine the egg yolks, remaining milk, cornstarch, and mix well in a bowl. When the milk starts to boil, stir in the mixture slowly.


The pudding will thicken. Turn stove off and combine butter and the vanilla extract.  Pour in a clear glass or bowl


De-construct the oreos and remove the cream. Using a flood processor or knife, cut the oreos in small pieces.


Place the crushed oreos ontop of the pudding. Garnish with mint or parsley


Om nom nommmmmm!!!

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