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Jumping Mediums:  What Other TV Shows Should Have Their Own Comic Book?

Jumping Mediums: What Other TV Shows Should Have Their Own Comic Book?

In today’s world of cross media platform jumping, shared universes, and the ever increasing desire for good comic book material, we’ve begun to see more and more TV shows making a splash in the comic book market. And why not? The truth is that television and comic books are more alike than you might notice. Both episodically in nature and pumping out many installments of a story over a longer period of time make these two mediums very similar. Unlike your average 2 hour movie, the amount of story and depth of characters is much deeper and concentrated in a serial TV or comic book format. Orphan Black, Arrow, The Flash, Supernatural, Smallville, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and so many more have jumped across platforms in recent years, from the TV screen to the comic page, vice versa, and back again! That got us thinking…what other TV shows would make for a great comic book read?

Scandal, ABC
Our obsession with Olivia Pope and the rest of her staff’s dealings in Washington D.C. certainly shouldn’t end with just the episodes we see on TV, right? Why not add some more depth to Scandal by bringing in a talented team of artists and writers to continue the story between seasons and hiatuses? The amount of drama and great storytelling in Scandal is so uniquely addictive and intriguing that we the fans deserve as much story as we can get our hands on. Even 22-24 episodes per season doesn’t quite fit the need for more Olivia Pope and Associates.

Community, Yahoo!
Quite honestly, we’re surprised this isn’t already a thing. Community has got to be one of the most comic-book friendly stories TV viewers have seen in recent years. The amount of pop culture references, hilarious inside jokes, and meta make this a perfect candidate for a comic book adaptation. With Community’s struggles on NBC taking it to the new Yahoo! format, we’ve seen just how well Community can maintain its value and quality across different formats. Can we just see Abed pulling a Deadpool and breaking the fourth wall a few times? Is that too much to ask?

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Netflix
While this is a brand new show, we have a good feeling you’ll be seeing much more Kimmy Schmidt in the future. Why not take her across platforms, and give Kimmy her own comic book series? The jokes and the characters are there, so why not give her more adventures while we wait for Netflix to come out with Season 2? There are so many potential stories to tell with Kimmy and Titus, certainly a comic book would be a fun way for audiences to follow along between seasons.

Daredevil, Netflix
Ok, ok, so this one isn’t a complete shocker.  While this is another brand new show, it’s probably a given that Marvel will have some sort of publication coming out in the near future to pay homage to their newest TV show. Regardless, how cool would it be to see this particular rendition of Daredevil on the pages of Marvel comics? A comic geek can only dream.

Black Sails, Starz
Black Sails
The best part of Starz’ gritty pirate drama isn’t the beautiful locations or talented cast, but the depth of story and the willingness to push the boundaries of television storytelling. The potential for a Black Sails comic book adaptation is undeniably positive, and audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with the series would both appreciate a pirate drama worth sharing on comic book shelves. Captain Flint and his men have so many stories to tell, so why keep us in the dark? Comics are a great way to give those stories to the fans.

Penny Dreadful, Showtime
One of the most gratifyingly awesome new additions to television last year, Penny Dreadful‘s cast of beautiful and terrifying literary characters make it an obvious choice for a comic book adaptation. The stories of Ethan Chandler, Vanessa Ives, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, and the many other supporting characters make for a shocking, grotesque, and addictive story of love, loss, and supernatural discovery. Many comics have attempted to tackle the worlds of Frankenstein, vampires, and werewolves, but this show is certainly doing it in an original way.

The Last Man on Earth, FOX
Again, another new show but with a twisted humor and interesting take on the apocalypse that most comic book readers would appreciate, The Last Man on Earth is the hilarious story of Phil Miller’s life, post apocalypse. However, as he slowly starts to meet fellow human beings, the comedy that ensues makes for a charmingly funny story week after week. Why not bring that wit and comedy to the comic book format? Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s proven style of comedy and development would certainly transcend across the medium in flying colors, and we all would benefit from it.

There’s plenty of good material making its way into both TV and comics, but the jump from TV to comics and vice versa has made a profound impact on the world of comics.  Here’s hoping that we see the trend continue. For the meantime, we can only hope that some of our favorite shows make the jump too!  Which shows do you think would make great comic book stories? Tell us what you think below!

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