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Jump In the Snark Tank With Pitch Deck

If you love social games like Cards Against Humanity and Monikers, stop what you’re doing right now and go support the Kickstarter for Pitch Deck before you miss a chance to add another hilarious party game to your collection.

Pitch Deck is a party card game that turns each player into an entrepreneur pitching the “next big thing” to a potential investor in a Shark Tank-type setting. Pick one pitch card from your drawn cards to match the investor’s selected company card to instantly create your new venture. Then, passionately make your startup pitch to beat out your fellow entrepreneurs and win the investor’s favor.

You might pick “Uber for piggyback rides” as one company and pitch combination, or “Yelp for dogs,” or “GoPro for bees.” (Wait, can GoPro for bees really be a thing? Because that sounds amazing.)

This is definitely not a family game, with company cards like “Hot or Not” and pitch cards like “codpieces.” The company descriptions are unabashedly snarky, while also being helpfully descriptive at the same time, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve never heard of Chatroulette or Soylent. Pitch Deck has you covered.

Like Monikers, the party game is designed with both introverts and extroverts in mind. If talking isn’t your thing, your pitch to the investor can be as quick as five seconds. Of course, you’ll earn the most money from investors if you really sell your startup idea, but you don’t have to be on the spot for long.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the print and play version of Pitch Deck currently offered under Creative Commons and give it a try first. Kickstarter backers receive high-quality, colorful cards and investor currency.

Pitch Deck was funded in just the first few days of the campaign, and there’s still time to get your own copy.

Do you have a better idea than “AirBnB for ball pits?” Give us your business pitch in the comments.

All Images: Fred Benenson

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