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PREMIERING TODAY: Paint More #HappyLittleMinis With Will Friedle on Geek & Sundry Painters Guild Season 3

That’s right, geeky hobbyists, Will Friedle is back at the painting table for season 3 of Geek & Sundry Painters Guild with more minis, more fantastic painting teachers, and more tips and techniques to help you become a better miniature painter.

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In season one we learned techniques and tips from experienced painters such as Critical Role DM Matt Mercer, who showed us the basic techniques, like prepping and priming models, how to thin paints, and drybrush miniatures to pick out details easily. By the end of the season, Will was ready to take on more advanced techniques from Kingdom Death studio painter Elizabeth Beckley-Bradford, who showed us how to stipple, paint layered highlights, and share some source lighting tips.

Last season Will upped his game, refining his fine detail painting techniques, learning speed painting techniques, and even scratch building and kit bashing models.

Will is picking up his brush again for season three, and he’ll be joined by many talented painters to show him more incredible techniques and tips. Moreover, this season he’ll be sitting in the teacher’s chair and will be joined by an exciting special guest who will take their first steps into painting miniatures. Once he was the learner, now he is the master.

You can keep up with each lesson, find out which mini and paints they’re using, and check out the step-by-step photo gallery for each episode so you can see the progress yourself (and compare your skills to Will’s) with our G&S Painters Guild Lesson Guide

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The new season premieres on TODAY and is exclusive to Alpha. Don’t have an Alpha membership? You can get a free 60-day trial with when you sign up with code “MINI” at!

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