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J.J. Abrams’ Characters If They Were Cast In Star Wars

J.J. Abrams’ Characters If They Were Cast In Star Wars

When JJ Abrams signed on to direct Star Wars, A collective digital gasp was released over the Internet. As his appreciation for the series surfaced so did rumors of who he was going to cast for his roles.

Throughout JJ’s career, he has played kingmaker of sorts writing and directing breakout rules for a slew of previously unknown actors. But what if he went the other direction and cast not only the same actors that are in his previous works but the actual characters they play. Which of JJ’s characters would fit best in the well known roles of Star Wars?

Jabba The Hutt
Owen DavianOwen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman; Mission Impossible III)
There has been no other character in a work by JJ Abrams that has wanted me to destroy his enemy more than Davian.  His single-minded focus is taking away everything Ethan has and hold dear to him and then destroying the man himself,  add to that PSH’s portrayal of Owen Davian with a maniacal tilt and you have everything Jabba the Hutt strives to be.

Darth Vader
Ben LinusBen Linus / Henry Gale (Michael Emerson; Lost)
This was also a role that could’ve been taken by Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Davian character (as I’m sure Hoffman could have handled the role of Vader) but Davian is less nuanced than Vader and Lost’s Ben Linus is nothing if not nuanced.  Ben is a leader to some ending villain to others often at the same time. Ben has a stoicism in him that translates to the audience. Vader is that same way. A leader of an empire and yet remain stoic.

Han Solo
Ethan HuntEthan Hunt (Tom Cruise; Mission Impossible)
If there were ever to peas in a pod these two characters are them. They both have a mission to accomplish, they both have truculent relationships with women they love, and they both might even be better going it alone and they are working with a team. The similarities are so numerous and overwhelmingly evident that one might say Hunt is the next iteration of Solo.

Boba Fett
John ReeseJohn Reese (Jim Caviezel; Person Of Interest)
This is no stretch. An ex-assassin in John Reese cast cast in the role of “the best bounty hunter in the galaxy” but as the colloquialism goes, tigers don’t change their stripes nor would you want him to. The quiet confidence of Reese translates perfectly into his role as Boba Fett. Focusing on the next challenge as opposed to the big picture is something that both do exceedingly well and it shows as they both get the job done.

HurleyHugo Reyes (Jorge Garcia; Lost)
Oh my God…the hair, the hair, the hair, the…hair. While both of them sported rather iconic hairstyles if that’s the only thing you recall them for it’s a shame. Chewie had to balance being an active role in the story as well as a comedic foil at times. No other character in JJ Abrams other works could balance such a nuanced performance episode to episode to episode than Hugo “Hurley” Reyes. Chewie served to temper the attitude of Han Solo and in the same thing Hurley temper the attitude of Sawyer. Can’t picture it? Let’s say you prefer Sawyer in the role of Han Solo, now Picture the last scene of the second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, when Solo says “we’re home.” in your mind, who is he saying it to?

Felicity PorterFelicity Porter (Keri Russell; Felicity)
Again with iconic hair, right? Wrong. Princess Leia is essentially two different people. One outwardly shy as she attempts to come into her own, and the other A warrior with her own agenda. If you don’t believe Felicity could play that role because cute little Keri Russell can’t make that stretch, Witness her role in The Americans, and you’ll be convinced that Felicity is a perfect fit.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
VICTOR GARBERJack Bristow (Victor Graber; Alias)
Troubled and emotionally distant at some points Jack Bristow is protective that is very core playing both a figurative and literal father figure in alias. Will be one intern is the literal father figure that Luke Skywalker looks too for guidance both are soft-spoken and willing to do anything it takes to protect the people closest to them.

Harry StamperHarry stamper (Bruce Willis; Armageddon)
Harry Stamper is the perfect fit for Yoda. He’s a leader of men in facilitator of training and a guiding light through the darkest of times. If Yoda is anything less than that the character just won’t work. Both characters tell people exactly what they need to hear to get the best result possible. Brave enough to stand up for themselves and smart enough to know when not to, both characters define the best possible leaders one can ask for.

Luke Skywalker
Jack ShephardJack Shephard (Matthew Fox; Lost)
Dr. Jack Shephard is a beautiful balance between the dark and the light. Unstable yet so sure. Jack is the default leader of the group yet he knows nothing until it’s thrust upon him. Skywalker is that same person. He doesn’t know how to control the force yet he needs to. “There is no try”. Dr. Shephard is put in the position time and time again. He must always do. If there is a “try” he will undoubtably fail, yet for the betterment of his group he will always prevail. There is nothing in Luke Skywalker that says “try”. It is always “do” and Luke’s universe is better for it as is the universe created by JJ Abrams in Lost.

What Abrams characters would you cast in Star Wars? Tell us in the comments!

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