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Interview with Kate Hackett from Classic Alice

Interview with Kate Hackett from Classic Alice

Classic Alice spawned from the brain of actor/writer Kate Hackett and has built its own little cult following in the web series community. Following over-achiever, Alice Rackham, who gets a “bad” grade on an assignment, decides to live her life based on classic novels. Her friend, Andrew Pritchard, thinks this would be a great topic for a documentary and follows her undertaking in a vlog-style format. Together, they create “Classic Alice”.

After uploading 70 episodes to their YouTube channel, Kate and her team are taking it to Indiegogo where they are currently running a campaign so they continue the story of Alice.

We had Tony Noto (who plays Andrew) interview Kate (who stars as Alice) to get the real scoop on Classic Alice.

What inspired you to create Classic Alice?

It was originally a piece that another company asked me to write, but I kind of fell in love with it and wanted to make sure it got made. Reading has always been very special to me and I wanted to share that in a creative way. I also hate waiting around for someone to hand me work (as an actor, as a writer, as a whatever) so there’s that too.

As a creator looking back, what’s the one thing you wish you had known while creating Classic Alice?

I wish I had known how much I have to TALK and plug the show (and me). I’m not a social butterfly and I HATE talking about myself. It takes a little bit for me to turn it on, so looking back I wish I had had some warning so I could prep myself for it.

If Kate was in a RPG which character race and class would she be? I.e. Orc/Elf/Human/Fairy Tank, Stealth, Magic User? Now answer for Alice/Andrew/Cara/Ewan.

Omg this is the best question. First, Tony, I don’t know what RPG you play but Fairy Tank is not an acceptable class so… I’mma go D&D on ya:

I’m tempted to answer what I would WANT to be, but I imagine that’s probably not what I actually am. So, I actually probably WOULD BE some kind of Rogue/Assassin because I’d be way better at sneak-podging than actual melee combat of any kind. And I’d be an elf, because of my ears (which are, according to James Brent Issacs, slightly elven.)

Alice, elf. She’s a little in her own world. Elf & IDK, what class studies all the time? Maybe a sorcerer.

Andrew.. human. Human bumbler.

Cara would be a Bard. Hands down. For so, so many reasons. And I think a halfling. They seem joyful.

Ewan would be a half-orc warlock.

Nathan? Wizard gnome.

I know you’ve been playing a lot of Dragon Age Inquisition, how many NPCs has your character slept with, or tried to sleep with?

Dude, she hits on EVERYONE. I don’t even want to and that’s my only option. WTF, Elf Rogue?? There’s one dude in her party who’s like — listen, I like you, but we can’t because YOU ARE THE INQUISITOR and my elf’s all like: wtfever, bro, let’s “hang out”. Whoever coded waggling eyebrows is a genius.

If aliens were watching us from outer space and knew nothing of our world. What’s the ONE movie you would give them to explain the human race?

The 5000 Fingers of Dr. Terwiliker.

Why is Game of Thrones currently the best show on television?

Tony, it’s not on yet. It comes back in April. I can’t answer this.

WOULD YOU RATHER be illiterate but be able to read people’s minds OR just have the ability to read? I hope your brain explodes trying to answer this question 🙂

Oh my god. I think I’d want the ability to read. I don’t know that I want to know what people think about me all the time.

Someone just handed you 10 million dollars to make Classic Alice into a feature film franchise, give me a quick intro, middle, and end synopsis of these blockbuster movies.

Intro: Kate runs away to a desert island with 10 million dollars. Middle: Kate lives there forever! End: The end.

More seriously… Can you make a feature film FRANCHISE with 10mil? I feel like no, Tony, you cannot. But Classic Alice: The Feature wouldn’t really be all that different from what we currently do; we shot 125+ pages (a feature!). And we’re trying to do the same thing again. So. I might change the style of the show if we had that kind of money, just the visual style, and probably toss in an explosion just because — OR A SEA BATTLE BECAUSE WHY NOT THAT SOUNDS EXPENSIVE.

If Kate and Alice met in real life. What would be their impressions of each other? Would they be friends? Acquaintances? Mortal enemies?

I think she’s more ‘genuine’ than I am; I have a tendency to run pretty dry and Alice seems little less caustic in her personality. That might rub her wrong; she may not quite know what to do with it at first. But on the whole, Alice isn’t ludicrously different from me. We both geek out about books and reading; I have the additional dork-out about history and video games though.

Now for my final question: The Riddler has Elise Cantu in one cage hanging over a spiked pit and myself (Tony) in another. You can only save one. Who do you save and WHY?

Elise. You know why.

Help #SaveAlice and donate here! Watch Classic Alice on their channel:

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