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Interested in Dungeons & Dragons? Start With This Video

There are loads of videos, articles, and Comic Con panels out there to help a Dungeons & Dragons player become a successful Dungeon Master. But what if you’re just curious about starting D&D? What if the closest you’ve gotten to playing the game is watching Critical Role? Watching Vox Machina on their adventures, while amazing, can make the game feel a bit overwhelming. How do you even start playing a game like that?

There is a lot to D&D, and it’s one of those rabbit holes that you can travel down forever. However, you don’t have to understand everything about the game when you’re just starting out, and you can easily test the waters to see if D&D is the right game for you. Matthew Colville, DM extraordinaire with a rad YouTube channel that helps tutors the DMs of tomorrow, strayed from his usual DM tutelage and has created a great video for people interested in trying D&D for the first time.

If you’ve ever watched Colville’s videos, you know how great he is at taking the often complex and confusing aspects of D&D and boiling it down to the bare bones to get you started. And that’s what’s most important when you want to try out D&D for the first time. Don’t worry about being the best player ever, just enjoy your experience in-game. That’s the key to having a great first experience–keep it simple.

From the length of an average campaign (about three hours), to building a character, basic etiquette, how to role play (spoiler alert: if you don’t feel comfortable speaking as your character, it’s totally cool to just explain what your character does), and basic gameplay, Colville gives you loads of helpful hints to feel confident in your first D&D game. The essence is to have fun. Sure, D&D is a game that people get really serious about, but when you’re just starting out, go easy on yourself. Whether you’re starting up a new group with a bunch of other D&D newbies or your friends invited you to join in on a campaign, remember that you’re just having fun with a bunch of friends. No need to stress! Ultimately, if you’re being a good team player, you’re not being rude or annoying, and you’re trying your best, you and your group will have a great time.

What is the best advice you’ve heard given to new D&D players? Did Matthew Colville inspire you to try role playing? Tell us what you think in the comments! 

Image credit: Dagny Mol|Flickr

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