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Impressively Lazy Yet Clever Halloween Costumes

Impressively Lazy Yet Clever Halloween Costumes

Halloween is tomorrow, and hopefully you’ve already started thinking about costumes. The only thing is, now that Trick or Treat is kind of a thing of the past for most of us, Halloween doesn’t always have that magical spark that it used to when we were kids.


Still, it’s fun to get dressed up and head to a Halloween party with friends, but the costume creation can be a challenge for several reasons. Creating an elaborate, fancy costume can not only be a bit of a headache, it can be quite the burden to wear if all our Halloween plans center around standing in large groups of people at Halloween parties. Standing up for hours dancing and attempting to shout over loud music in a giant costume like Ursula from The Little Mermaid? That sounds like an uncomfortable, hot, and altogether awful idea. Still, a huge chunk of the Halloween fun is about creating a costume. So even if you’re not in the mood to break out the sewing machine and start creating an epic Halloween costume creation, it doesn’t mean your costume can’t be simple and clever. To prove that point, I’ve compiled a gallery of simple (or lazy, however you want to look at it) costumes that may be easy to create, but still have a bit of a clever flair.

A Chipotle Burrito

Here’s how you can make yourself into a burrito: step 1, wrap yourself in foil… There is not step two. Not only is this costume crazy easy, but there are some Chipotles out there that offer free burritos or discounts on Halloween for those who show up dressed as a burrito. Free food and an easy costume? Yes, please.

The Impala


Supernatural fans will instantly recognize you as Dean’s beloved “baby”. All you’ve got to do to recreate the Impala is dress in mostly black, and fashion your own KAZ 2Y5 Kansas license plate to wear on your back. You can even take it a step further by drawing a SW and DW on your skin and taping a LEGO and Army man to yourself and including headphones that play all of Dean’s classic rock favorites.

Dorian Gray

To become Dorian Gray, simply dress in your snazziest outfit (extra points for a top hat and other period pieces), and carry around a defaced picture of yourself. Image credit: Morgana-Angelik/

To keep the costume simple, all you need to do is dress in your snazziest outfit and carry around a defaced picture of you. Just take a printed picture of yourself and apply the scars, bruises, and other marks of an evil life to the actual picture. Of course, you can also get fancier and make your outfit more appropriate for Dorian Gray’s time period. You can also create a picture of yourself that you’ve mangled on photo shop, and even put it in a frame like the picture above. Either way, your costume will be a hit.

404 Error: Costume Not Found

I get it. You see these costumes and you’re thinking, “Yep, these are all super rad, but still WAY more time than I care to invest in any sort of costume.” Life gets crazy, and sometimes there is no more than a few minutes prior to a party to whip up a costume. In that case, literally all you need to make this costume work is a white tee and a black marker. Then write a 404 Costume Not Found error on your tee and you’re all set. Perfect when you’re scrambling last minute right before a costume party.

Check out the gallery to see some of our other simple but clever costumes, and let us know what your lazy but clever Halloween costume is this year in the comments!


Image credit: FatBottomedGirl/, allthehipstuff/, Jason Eppink/, ClockworkPrincess/, Morgana-Angelick/, SpiritDragonWolf/


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