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Noah Grove is no slouch when it comes to gaming. In fact, he’s quite the aficionado. Gaming is not his only talent either. He’s a well seasoned musician that lives to expand himself through his craft. It seemed serendipitous that Noah Grove would play the Geek & Sundry stage. What a perfect match! Who knew that the sympatico crowd at Geek & Sundry would end up with their own Gamer Anthem by inviting Noah to perform? It was meant to be and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer crowd.

Can you tell us about your inspiration for writing the song “I’m A Gamer” for your appearance on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel?

Noah: When I found out I would be on Geek & Sundry, I knew I wanted to do something that was special for the community. I wanted to find a way we all related. My inspiration came from the decades I spent playing many different video games. Video games were a huge part of my childhood and even adulthood till about 6 months ago. “I’m a Gamer” covers a brief chronological history of my gaming experience. It was a lot of fun to write!!

You can buy “I’m a Gamer”, just released TODAY, here.

What has been your most challenging experience as a musician?

Noah: Believing in myself enough to dedicate my life to the art. It is still challenging sometimes. I had to break away from my family. I taught kitesurfing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and I got a job offer to go teach in the Turks & Caicos islands in the Caribbean. It was a great financial opportunity, but my gut told me to go to the place I was born (LA) where I knew no one and live out of my car and commit myself 100% to music.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a musician?

Noah: I’ll mention a few. The friendships I have made are at the top. Bringing people to tears at my shows. A person’s character is intimately tied into the music that person creates, and with that in mind, it has also been rewarding to see my chosen life work shape me and to see my ability and perspective deepen and grow both musically and throughout all areas of life.

Can you tell us a little about your songwriting process?

Noah: My songwriting process changes a lot. Sometimes I stumble into a phrase I like a lot which evokes a melody. Sometimes I stumble into a melody that brings certain words and feelings to mind. Sometimes I am feeling incredible clarity or incredible intensity and everything pours out quite seamlessly. Once I have a phrase or a melody, the song tends to write itself.

Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?

Noah: My own life experiences. Some of my first songs were a kind of satire about individual friends. Most of my songs come from raw personal experiences. I once had a account and tried selling songwriting for $5. Someone hired me to write a song about a man who shoots a saguaro cactus with a shotgun and it falls and kills him. I once made a novelty reddit account “songstoryteller” to do with songs what poem_for_your_sprog does with poems or shitty_watercolour does with painting. I wrote 7 songs with that account. I’ve written songs for special occasions as well.

Who are your musical influences?

Noah: Nickel Creek, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Muse, Ben Harper, Cat Stevens, Josh White Jr., Norman Brown, Chopin

What do you Geek out about?

Noah: I geek out anytime I hear live music. I have to go find where it is coming from and watch for a little while. It doesn’t really matter how talented the person is, as long as they are playing from the heart, I am fascinated. I also was a big gamer up until recently. I had a Gameboy, Sega Genesis, some console I can’t remember with a giant roller ball, N64, Xbox, Xbox 360, and computer games. I think the first games I played were on an old Atari computer. Like everyone, I loved Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I was a big Counter-Strike player and once headshotted 8 people in 13 seconds and got banned for hacking. Those skills are gone. I played plenty of Starcraft and Morrowind and WoW and was addicted to League of Legends.

What was your experience like on the show?

Noah: It was one of my most enjoyable and memorable music performance experiences. It was a total blast getting to interact so freely and immediately with so many people. I was overwhelmed with the positive support. I’ve never experienced anything like that in my life. It was a dream come true.

To follow Noah, listen to and purchase his music, contact him, sign up for his newsletter, watch his Youtube videos, or read up on his happenings, check out his website. “I’m A Gamer” is the new single from Noah Grove that he wrote for his appearance on Geek and Sundry, which will be available on his Soundcloud soon!

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About the Authors:
Judy and Jody Timmerman have been avid promoters of the Southern California music scene for more than 20 years. They are both members of the Long Beach Music Council and nurture local musicians through their various music endeavors including the Rebirth of Rock radio show, Songwriters Unplugged event and  Live Rock Gig Music Blog.  They have been booking music guest for the Geek and Sundry Twitch.TV channel since March of 2015.

Feature Image Credit: Kelly Woodrum




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