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How to Throw an Amazing Marvel Watch Party

How to Throw an Amazing Marvel Watch Party

Avengers: Age of Ultron is hitting theaters on May 1, so now is the time to catch up on your Marvel movies. Whether you’re planning to re-watch the first Avengers movie or you’re particularly motivated and plan re-watch watch every modern Marvel film from the first Iron Man to Captain America: Winter Soldier, it’s worth making an occasion out of it. However, throwing a truly epic watch party can be a bit of an intimidating endeavor, so I’ve compiled some tips to make sure your Marvel watch party has just the right amount of epic awesomeness to get you pumped for the Age of Ultron premiere.

Send Out Actual Invitations
I know, in this day and age, who sends out actual invites? While we’re in a digital age, it can be kind of fun to send your guests something physical to hold in their hands to invite them to come watch superhero flicks at your house. The internet is rife with invites you can buy, or free printables. Here are a couple of pretty awesome ideas of physical invitations you could send out:

Marvel Watch Party Invite

Avengers Invitation

S.H.I.E.L.D. Invitations

Themed Snacks Instead of Flashy Decorations
I am all about themed snacks. They can double as decorations, and since the point is for you and your guests to eat the snacks, it can cut down on your cleanup time after the festivities are over. Here are a few snack ideas to help get your creative juices flowing:

Marvel snacks

Hulk Jello (or Jello shots)

Black Widow Cupcakes

Captain America Fruit and Cheese Plate

Thor’s Pretzel and Marshmallow Mjolnir 

Iron Man Pizza

Marvel-Themed Cocktails
It’s not a party without a few drinks, right? Instead of serving wine or beer, mix it up a bit with a few themed drinks.

Avengers Cocktails

Avengers Drinks

Captain America Party Drink

Thor and Loki Cocktail

Dress Up a Little, Or Dress Up a Lot
Of course you’ve got to dress up a bit for a Marvel watch party. Whether you want to go all out with full cosplay, try a more subtle look with some everyday cosplay, or add a touch of Marvel love with your nails or eye makeup, it can help take your party up to the next level. Here are a few ideas and tutorials to get you started on picking the perfect party outfit:

avengers dress up

Avengers Nail Art

Avengers Everyday Cosplay

Thor Helmet

Loki Helmet

Iron Man Arc Reactor

DIY Mjolnir

Avengers Eye Makeup

Are you planning a Marvel watch party before Age of Ultron premiers? Share some of your party ideas in the comments!

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