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How to Take the Next Step in Your Writing Career

I know you have an idea floating around in your brain for the next great novel that is going to hit all the bookstores and instantly become a blockbuster on the big screen. Andy Weir was a programmer with a dream and a couple of chapters before hitting it big with The Martian. That could be you! All you need to do is watch the video above for a little inspiration, read below for a little information, and click here with your idea to transform your napkin notes into an amazing novel.

Here’s how it all works. Writers can submit their pitches and/or sample chapters to Inkshares for consideration and pre-orders. Inkshares will then publish the top three hard science fiction projects with the most unique pre-orders by 12:00 p.m. PST, May 16th. These three will be published by Inkshares with some awesome perks including editorial and design services, printing, marketing, and distribution into bookstores nationwide. Geek & Sundry will then select at least one story to be in our debut Inkshares collection. Your story will get the Geek & Sundry seal of approval (and literal seal, it’ll go right there on your book) and we’ll be sharing out its existence to countless fans around the world! Who knows, you might just discover something that scientists haven’t even thought of yet.

Don’t know if all of your scientific theories necessarily ring true? Not a problem. Science and Entertainment Exchange, the group responsible for fact checking some of your favorite Hollywood movies, is going to give the top winners a hand in making sure their science is solid.

Truth is stranger than fiction. Prove it by applying to Geek & Sundry and Inkshares’s Hard Science Contest TODAY. To answer all of your burning questions about the contest (and not about CRISPR technology), head on over to the FAQ page to learn more about contest details. Let’s science the $%!* out of this contest. Submit your story today!

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Critical Role Fan Art Gallery – As the Curtain Falls

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