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How to Have a Great, Geeky Weekend When You’re Not Going to SDCC

How to Have a Great, Geeky Weekend When You’re Not Going to SDCC

This time of year can suck for those of us not among the ranks of people making the great migration to California to participate in one of the biggest events in geekery: San Diego Comic Con. Of course, there are lots of things to do outside of the actual con if you’re in the San Diego area, but for those of us who don’t live in California, this weekend can be a bit of a bummer.

No more, friends! No more spending Comic Con weekend sadly scrolling through your Twitter feed and Instagram to attempt some sort of vicarious con experience (okay, maybe still a little bit of that). Maybe you can’t go to SDCC and maybe you’re not able to attend any of the SDCC-adjacent events, but this can still be a great weekend. I’ve got some tips for you to make this weekend awesome, SDCC or not!


Geeks Who Drink

Part of the fun of con season is getting to hang out with other geeks, talking about the geeky stuff you love. Participating in a geeky pub quiz is a great way to hang out with other geeks, get your drink on, and show off your geeky know-how. Your favorite local drinking hole might have its own special brand of geeky, boozy fun, but in case you’re not sure where to start, check out Geeks Who Drink. These guys put on awesome pub quizzes around the country, and chances are they’re having an event in your area very soon.



There is a lot happening in the Marvel Comics Universe right now, and with a new wave of DC films coming our way soon, it’s time to get caught up on your comics! Whether you’re catching up on newer stuff like Thors, Gotham Academy, Star Wars, or Captain Marvel & the Carol Corps, or you’re going to jump into Aquaman, Deadpool, the Justice League, or Wonder Woman for the first time before the movies hit theaters, now’s the time to catch up! Head down to your local comic book shop, hang out for a bit, and load yourself up on reading material.


SPN Larp

This one might be a bit more challenging to just jump into last minute, but if you’re a LARPer, find a local meetup to participate in. Of course, if there’s not enough time to participate in/organize a last-minute meetup, you could always plan one for next year’s SDCC weekend and spend this weekend watching the Geek & Sundry show LARPS. I’m just sayin’. If you’re a cosplayer, organize a meetup with some of your favorite cosplay pals, or spread the word to meet others in your local cosplay community. Maybe you don’t have time to make a shiny new cosplay for the event or finish your current WIP, you can always grab one of your favorite existing cosplays and have a great time!


The Guild

It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a tabletop gamer, a PC gamer, or a console gamer. Get a group together and have a game night. You can keep it small with just a few of your closest friends, make it an open-invite to anyone you know, or join in a game night with your local game store to meet a bunch of new friends. Check out your local game store’s website–chances are high that they’ll have some sort of game night going this weekend. Kick things up a notch by trying out some cosplay or bring a geek-themed snack to share.



When I say “watch party”, I don’t mean a weekend-long binge of Breaking Bad where you are alone in a dark home, sadly shuffling around in your underwear, eating stale pizza and cold Chinese food (I mean, unless that’s your thing, then you do you). I mean pick something awesome to watch–the extended Lord of the Rings trilogy, episodes I-VI of Star Wars, Firefly and Serenity, an MCU marathon, or the Terminator films–and throw a rad watch party with your friends. Have the party last a night, or make it a weekend-long event, and make it as unorganized or organized as you want–Decorations? Cosplay? Themed drinks? Hire an impersonator? Make it more than your average movie night, and have fun with it!

Ultimately, this weekend will be what you make of it. Sure, it’s a bummer that you don’t get to go to comic-con this year, but there are still TONS of great ways to make this weekend a memorable, geeky one. Are you not going to SDCC? What are your plans for the weekend? Let me know in the comments! 

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