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How the D&D Designers Updated Tales From The Yawning Portal

This month, Dungeons and Dragons fans were finally able to get their hands on Tales From The Yawning Portal, the highly anticipated new book that updates seven of the all-time great D&D adventures for modern gamers using the 5th edition rules. Against the Giants, Dead in Thay, Forge of Fury, Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan, Sunless Citadel, Tomb of Horrors, and White Plume Mountain have all been re-imagined and revitalized with new artwork and text, although some of the classic maps remain. Now, three of the creative minds behind D&D have shared their thoughts about the making of Tales From The Yawning Portal.

Todd Kenreck’s Dungeon Life YouTube channel has posted a new video featuring senior art director Kate Irwin, senior graphic designer Emi Tanji, and lead rules developer Jeremy Crawford, as they offered their insights into Tales From The Yawning Portal, including the way that the Yawning Portal’s barkeep, Durnan, ties the stories together despite the vast worlds between them.

“We based all of these adventures as if they were coming out of the Yawning Portal,” said Tanji. “They still needed to have something to tie them together, some kind of flavor. So having that they were all coming from this pub, that all of the adventures start here, all the stories come here, and all of the great people have come through…It was a really nice way to anchor things down.”

Crawford added that the team “wanted to keep the adventures as close to the original experience as possible. In a few places [there is] some additional clarity, maybe some additional descriptive text to make the DM’s life a bit better when describing a particular room. But all of that additional work we did is based on material that was there originally, whether it was text or illustration.”

Tales From The Yawning Portal has already been released in local gaming stores, and it will have a wider release on April 4.

Are you excited to dive into the classic D&D adventures of Tales From The Yawning Portal? Roll for initiative and share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

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