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Holiday Buyer’s Guide: 5 of the Most Expensive Geek Gifts We Could Find

Holiday Buyer’s Guide: 5 of the Most Expensive Geek Gifts We Could Find

Gift giving can be a tricky ordeal, especially when it comes to fandom. The rabid collector will spend all year assembling their horde, leaving friends and family in the lurch when the winter holidays come around. However, not everyone has the time/money/wherewithal to get each and every collectable (especially money). So for those of you inclined to give that geek in your life something extra special this year, here are five solid choices the bring the cheer if you just so happen to have more money than Scrooge McDuck.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Admiral Kirk Uniform Jacket – Premier Line
$2,100 | Anovos


Anovo is the Cadillac of mass market costume producers. Every stitch, every patch, every angle is screen accurate in everything they do. They’ve had the Star Trek license for some time now, and offer multiple lines at a number of price points, but this is the slickest of their uniform jackets by far.

Too rich for your Vulcan blood? Maybe you can pre-order their Star Trek: Beyond Starfleet Survival Suit Jacket for a much more reasonable $575!

Captain America: Civil War Movie Version Iron Man Mark XLVI Legendary Scale Figure
$2,300 | Sideshow Collectibles


At a height of over 3 feet and weighing in at 35 pounds, this is a figure worthy of Tony Stark himself. Exquisitely detailed by the unmatchable pros at Sideshow Collectibles, this bad boy mmmmmight put you on target to get yourself in some holiday debt. Fear not though, because as is the case with most of their highest end collectibles, Sideshow offers a very reasonable payment plan.

Officially Licensed Life-Sized Doctor Who Daleks
$4,154.22 | This Planet Earth


Managing Director Ian Clarke and the team at This Planet Earth scored the jackpot by landing an official BBC license to produce not only Daleks, but also Cybermen, Angels, and even the estimable TARDIS! They aim to please any Whovian that’s a fan of the ubiquitous robot baddies, featuring versions from across the numerous series and movies. And with the dollar-to-pound exchange rate at a record low, this is the perfect time to get one!

Game of Thrones Deluxe Pinball Machine
$8,700 | Stern Pinball


Since winter has finally come, so might as well stay inside and play some games right? The crowning touch for any discerning Westerosi throne—er, game room is the Limited Edition GoT pinball machine featuring reactive lights, sounds, and even an animated dragon.

And if that’s not quite up your holiday alley, why not kit the GoT fan in your life out for next Halloween with a complete set of Night King prosthetics?

Limited Edition Rogue One Edition Nissan Rogue
$29,000 | Nissan


And the one gift to rule them all. I think the title of this one pretty much says it. The Nissan Rogue is a fine vehicle, and for the “gotta-have-it-all” collector the subtle Star Wars decals, kickplates, and so on would definitely make this worth the price of admission. But face it: you’re really here for the limited edition Death Trooper mask that comes included!



Check out our other Holiday Shopping Guides as the season goes on! Everything for movie fans, toy collectors, gamers and more!

Photo Credits: Stern Pinball, Anovos, Sideshow Collectibles, BBC, Nissan

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