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Building the Ideal Snack Pack for Comic-Con

Building the Ideal Snack Pack for Comic-Con

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — sing it with me — it’s Comic-Con season! Time for all the fun and games your geeked-out brain can handle. You’re probably more than prepared, with your cosplay neatly pressed, schedule by your side and itchy twitter finger at the ready. Amidst all the excitement there’s one thing you may have forgotten…food.

With the swarm of crowds and sensory overload it’s easy to forget to eat. Let’s face it, once you’re in line for Hall H, you’re in line for life and there’s no means for food unless Misha Collins just happens to be your on-the-go barista. No, it’s best to plan ahead and pack snacks that will give you energy for waiting, walking (NO RUNNING IN THE EXHIBIT HALL), waiting, sitting, and oh yes, waiting.

If you’re going for all four days, 1. good luck and 2. you’ll need to prepare four of these packs. Packing one for each full day of Comic-Con ensures that you’ll have enough rations to sustain long hours, because you never know when your next regular meal will come. Keeping that in mind, you’ll need to pack provisions that are non-perishable, filling and easy to grab.

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Water is essential to life and to keeping you hydrated in the warm Southern California heat. It’s also helpful for a hand wash should you need it.

Popcorn, beef jerky, nuts
These snacks are all easy to eat in small portions should the line start moving just as you settle into your bag of Kettle Corn. The portion sizes provide a satisfying snack that can be drawn out over a long day.

Applesauce pouches, fruit leather, granola bars
Fruit and granola bars are a great way to get in some daily vitamins. Real fruit is obviously the best but keep in mind it will spoil and bruise when jostled around.

Hard candy
It’s best to keep some small sweets by your side when you’re feeling the need for a little sugar rush. You might want to avoid chewy candy, no one wants to leave the Hall H line to go to the dentist.

Pack up these essential snacks for your Comic-Con journey and your health points will be back up in no time!

*photo credit: Jenn Fujikawa

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