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Here’s What Went Down at EA’s E3 2016 Press Conference

Here’s What Went Down at EA’s E3 2016 Press Conference

Electronic Arts just completed its E3 2016 press conference. In case you missed it, here’s what they presented:

Star Wars

EA has a lot of Star Wars games in the pipeline. So many, that they’re using multiple studios including Visceral, BioWare, DICE, Motive, and more. Visceral and Motive are teaming up to create a narrative game that will introduce new characters to the Star Wars universe. There will also be new Star Wars: Battlefront content based on player feedback as well as content from the new films. The Cloud City map DLC is already set to launch June 21 along with the bounty hunter Dengar, two new rifles, and possibly more.

The most interesting, and unfortunately most secretive, of all is the game in production at Respawn Entertainment, the company behind Titanfall. Respawn was founded by former Call of Duty leaders Jason West and Vince Zampella of Infinity Ward. Many Call of Duty fans will tell you that Infinity Ward made the best versions of CoD, plus Titanfall is quite beloved, which is reason enough to get excited. All that’s been revealed about their game so far is that it will be some kind of 3rd person action game. But I wouldn’t expect to see it anytime before 2019.

EA released this video to show what’s on the road ahead:

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The lack of information at today’s conference makes me as enraged as Wrex taking on the reapers invading his homeworld. There is almost no new info on the game’s story aside from what we already knew: You’re an explorer who wakes up in the Andromeda system, and you’re exploring new worlds and species in search of a new home.

They did, however, share this behind the scenes video that gives us a glimpse into some of the visuals we can expect. And it looks like the name of your ship will be the Tempest, but that’s just my own speculation.

Titanfall 2

The original Titanfall offered some really fun combat play, but some fans felt the game was lacking without a single-player narrative. Well Respawn listened and revealed that Ttitanfall 2 will have a single-player campaign in addition to multiplayer. Not a lot is known about the story, but we do know that it revolves around a pilot named Jack Cooper who is forced to bond to a titan out of necessity. The single-player mode will be completely offline, and will explore the bond between pilot and titan.

Here’s the singe-player trailer:

And here is the multiplayer trailer:

I’m not into multiplayer competitive games personally, but that aerial grapple kill is sick! Anyway, Titanfall 2 launches October 28 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Players can sign up at to get into the multiplayer beta.


For those of you interested in indie and unusual games, then you’ll be happy to hear that EA is launching a new program called “EA Originals” to help smaller developers produce and market new IPs. The first game announced was Fe by Zoink. In Fe, you play an adorable critter who awakens in a forest with no idea or guidance as to what’s going on. If you study the animals and plants around you, you can discover their secret languages. As you make a journey of self discovery, you will encounter the Silent Ones who seek to corrupt the forest. The game is about a personal journey and the connection between all living things.

Here’s the trailer:


EA also discussed its sports titles Madden 17 and FIFA 17. Not sure how many of you are into those, so I’ll keep it short. Madden 17 is a lot more of the same, but with upgrades to gameplay and franchise mode. The graphics also look beautiful. If you’re into e-sports, EA really wants to get involved in building local as well as national level tournaments for competitive players. FIFA 17, however, introduced something new: a story mode. You play as newcomer Alex Hunter as he climbs through the ranks of the English Premier League. This is the first time we’re seeing a real in-depth narrative incorporated into a FIFA game, and that’s pretty rad.

Check out the trailer for FIFA 17: The Journey

Battlefield 1

When I first read this game’s title, I thought “That’s an odd name since Battlefield 4 came out in 2013…” but then I learned that Battlefield 1 is a unique take on World War I. You’ll see the usual pistols and rifles, but also things like mustard gas, trench clubs, and yes, even shovels. That’s cool on the small scale, but DICE is kicking things up a notch by adding some massive armored vehicle combat as well including tanks, armored trucks, biplane aircrafts, and more. I just wanna fly the zeppelin. Kinda hoping that’ll be a thing. Battlefield 1 also introduces 32 v. 32 multiplayer online combat. This isn’t the first time 64-player mode has been attempted in video games, but this one looks to be the most promising.

And of course, here’s the trailer:

64-player shovels-only match, anyone?

Battlefield 1 launches worldwide on October 21.

That’s the gist of what went down. Frankly, I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of Star Wars and Mass Effect news, but I’ll take what I can get. As Yoda once said, “Patience you must have, my young padawan.” Or maybe it was “Good games come to those who wait”? No. Pretty sure it was the first one.

What do you think of EA’s offerings? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Featured image credit: EA Games

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