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Here’s the Best of International Tabletop Day 2017!

We’ve cleared away all the tables, sent all the guests home, and we’re still finding little pieces of cardboard hidden behind the couch. It’s clear to say that International Tabletop Day 2017 was a huge success!

If you didn’t happen to catch the stream this year, don’t worry about it. Check out this recap to get a taste of what happened during the big day. We also have longer cuts of some of our favorite segments out there.

Board Games Come to Life! – International Tabletop Day 2017It’s the trailer that started it all. Relive the magic and cheer on dice man!

Discussing Ancient Board Games with Dr. Irving Finkel  – Find out how people played the first board game and what it takes to translate one of the oldest rulebooks in the world.

Dark Souls (International Tabletop Day) – Prepare to die! The video game takes a leap to the table in this playthrough of the game.

Attack on Titan (International Tabletop Day) – Becca has been known to cheat, but would she eat a player? You might if you were playing as the titan in Attack on Titan: The Last Stand.

DREAD with Matt Mercer, Satine Phoenix, and More! – Seattle coffee, grunge rock, and horror! Watch the team try to survive the adventure one wooden block at a time.

Thank you all again for celebrating International Tabletop Day with us this year. And remember, you don’t have to wait another 365 days until you can bring together your friends, check out a new game, or share your passion with someone else. ITTD can be whenever and wherever you want.

Keep those dice rolling and get ready for the next International Tabletop Day.

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GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Puzzle Pieces

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GALLERY: Critical Role Fan Art – Mending Fences

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