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Here’s How to Have the Geekiest Fourth of July Ever

Here’s How to Have the Geekiest Fourth of July Ever

Saturday is Independence Day for the United States. While there are some time-honored traditions for celebrating the Fourth like watching a fantastic fireworks show to the sounds of “Stars and Stripes Forever”, that can start to get a bit mundane. Well, we here at Geek & Sundry want you to make the most of your Fourth. While you may be like me and always be a bit of a sucker for a sharp fireworks show, I’ve got a few tips to help you make an entire, geeky day of American Independence celebrations.

Attend a war re-enactment or take part in one yourself. History!

war reenactment

War re-enactments are kind of a strange tradition, but it certainly does bring history to life. Whether you decide you want to watch one or dress up as a soldier and carry a fake gun into fake battle, a war re-enactment can be a great way to celebrate American Independence and LARPing, all in one fell swoop.

Make it a Captain America Day. 

captain america

There are plenty of other superheroes out there that exemplify parts of the “American Spirit”, but I feel like Independence Day is the perfect day to celebrate all things Cap-related. Watch the Captain America movies, read his comics, play with a Cap action figure, or spend the day in Cap cosplay. What’s more American than celebrating our nation’s independence by remembering the First Avenger?

Rewrite history (or not) by playing some Revolutionary War-themed tabletop games. 

tabletop excited

Maybe you want to take part in creating (or re-creating) history this Fourth of July, but you’re not super excited about attending or participating in a war re-enactment. Playing a Revolutionary War-themed tabletop is the perfect way to get a taste of history without burning your brains out in an itchy, hot Revolutionary-era costume. There are several great Revolutionary War-themed games out there like 1776, Saratoga, Rebels and Redcoats, and Washington’s War. Pick your favorite!

Re-watch the Star Wars film, and celebrate with another group of rebels who won their independence.

star wars celebrate

Maybe the early Americans weren’t fighting against baddies like Emperor Palpatine and the Dark Side of the Force, but watching another group of individuals fight for their freedom will certainly get your Independence Day celebration going. Watch the original trilogy or, if you don’t think you want to see sunlight this Fourth of July, watch the entire Star Wars cinematic saga, starting with Phantom Menace and ending with Return of the Jedi.

Watch Independence Day. Once, twice, or as many times as feels right to you. 

Independence Day

There’s been a lot of buzz–and a lot of concern–over the Independence Day sequel. Well, just for today, let’s put that fear behind us and watch a movie that is literally about re-earning our independence – only this time, it’s from aliens. With plenty of late nineties cheese, fabulous one-liners from Will Smith, and Jeff Goldblum being Jeff Goldblum; this film is the perfect geeky watch for the Fourth. Today, we celebrate our Independence Day, so you get to watch Independence Day as many times as you want.

Try out the drinking game from New Girl, True American–just maybe don’t drive for a few hours. 

True American

New Girl‘s ridiculous, poorly-explained drinking game, True American is the perfect test of one’s alcoholic fortitude and knowledge of American history. While the rules are quite unclear, the game appears to be a ton of fun. It also appears to be a game that can get you completely shnockered, so plan your day accordingly.

Watch the National Treasure movies, and see where the night takes you. It may lead you to an elaborate plot involving an artifact from our nation’s history, but it also may not… 

step into the cage

These movies are completely ridiculous, but they are also tons of ridiculous fun, and will certainly get you interested in history. A National Treasure watch party is perfect for Independence Day. Be wary, though. Legend has it, if you say “steal the Declaration of Independence” into a mirror three times on the Fourth of July, Nicolas Cage himself will actually appear.

But most importantly, stuff your face with some greasy food. Because America! 

patrick eating

It’s no secret that Americans love food, and one of the traditional tenants of our Independence Day celebrations is stuffing our faces full of greasy food at a neighborhood BBQ. It’s probably not the best thing for your arteries, but a good Fourth of July celebration never is, right?

What are some geeky ways you’ll be celebrating the Fourth of July this year? Let me know your plans in the comments! 


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