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What If Your Favorite “Game of Thrones” Characters Were Pokemon Trainers

What If Your Favorite “Game of Thrones” Characters Were Pokemon Trainers

Don’t be bashful: We know what keeps you up late at night. And lately it’s probably been Game of Thrones, non-stop, 24/7 up in that noggin.

Well, what goes good with Game of Thrones? In the spirit of mash-ups, what would happen if we mixed together Westeros with another world of dragons? Like maybe Kantos?

With a little debate, we here at Geek & Sundry have put together a list of which Pokémon we think the major players in Game of Thrones would choose if instead of swords, blood magic, and axes, characters in Thrones had to rely on Pokémon, potions, and helix fossils.

Some spoilers in the picks as well, so be careful if you aren’t caught up with this season!



Team: Charizard X, Haxorus, Dragonite

Some trainers need a team of six Pokémon. Others — usually lame, weaker ones — tend to not have full teams. But there’s some trainers who only need three Pokémon. Dany — the Mother of Dragons herself — would be one of these. Why have a whole team of six dragons when she really only needs three.

Clearly, Dany would be a dragon-type trainer, and what better way to represent her than three dragons that are similar to her three dragons in Thrones? Charizard X for Drogon, Haxorus for Viserion, and last but not least, Dragonite for Rhaegal. It’s not perfect, but pretty close color wise.

Jon Snow


Team: Mamoswine, Abomasnow, Mightyena, Froslass, Litwick, Beartic

Former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow is obviously going to have a team of Pokémon that can withstand the tough Northern winters, and also that play into his heritage, both potential sides of it.

The ice Pokémon are a no-brainer, and even better when they tie into Wilding heritage: Mamoswine was an easy pick, and Abomasnow and Beartic both seemed like natural fits as well. Jon DID get Mormont’s sword, after all.  Mightyena is about as close to Ghost as a Pokemon could get, and Froslass combines the ice and ghost types; another perfect fit for the now risen-from-the-dead Jon.

But why Litwick? Well, first of all, because Litwick is awesome. But second, it gives Jon a fire type that plays into his potential R+L=J heritage, and combines that with another ghost type for him.

Sadly for Jon, there are no red headed, female Wilding Pokémon, but I think he’d like this team nonetheless.




Team: Greninja, Ninjask, Mr. Mime, Farfetch’d, Regirock, Umbreon

A ninja-based team seemed obvious for our little ninja in training. Greninja and Ninjask fit that bill quite well. Mr. Mime…well, he’s weird and creepy, just like the House of Black and White. Regirock calls to mind the Titan of Braavos, where Arya currently is, and Umbreon will have to function as a stand in for Nymeria, her missing direwolf.

And Farfetch’d? Why Farfetch’d? Good question. Farfetch’d and Arya both share one thing in common: A super strong devotion to carrying something around. For Arya, it’s Needle, and for Farfetch’d, it’s his leek. It cuts both ways, don’t you think?




Team: Arcanine, Entei, Houndoom, Pyroar, Ninetales, Weavile

The great mother Lannister herself, Cersei. What type of Pokémon would she have? Arcanine was an easy pick here, given the Lannister/Lion sigil deal. Same with Entei and Pyroar.

Ninetales plays into her royalty: She was Queen for quite some time. Houndoom gives her a dark learning fire type and Weavile plays into her more sneaky and conniving personality. Now if only there was a Pokémon that thought it was smarter than it actually was…




Team: Alakazam, Klinklang, Dragonair, Growlithe, Unown, Slowking

Well, we could have just picked the shortest Pokémon, but this seemed like a better direction (and didn’t require sorting all of the Pokémon by height!).

Tyrion — hands of the king down — is one of the smartest characters in the show. It’s fitting then that he should get some of the smartest Pokémon, as well. Alakazam would easily be a Pokémon Tyrion would want to have on his team. Klinklang represents Tyrion’s tinkering side — he’s always fiddling and working on some contraption (at least in the books), and Unown is for Tyrion’s love of books.

But, family is still eternally a part of Tyion’s life, so I gave him Growlithe, to represent his role as the youngest of the Lannister siblings. Dragonair? Well, Tyion has always wanted a dragon, but he’s never been able to quite have one, so it seemed fitting to give him a Pokémon that was almost a dragon but not quite their yet. And Slowking? He might seem like not much at first, but he’s also quite smart and a good planner. Sound familiar?




Team: Togepi, Cleffa, Sylveon, Vivillon, Purrloin, Magikarp

As much as I’m a big Sansa fan, she doesn’t always make the smartest choices. And for Pokémon, I think Sansa would pick cute and cuddly types that play into her personality and love of romance, knights, stories, and walking off into the sunset with the King of her dreams. Sylveon also gives her a connection to Arya, who I gave Umbreon to.

And Magikarp? Well, we don’t know for sure yet, but it looks like Sansa — who many people counted out — is starting to come into her own as a character finally. She just might turn out to be a killer Gyarados, after all.


What do you think of the picks? What other “Game of Thrones” characters would you like to see teams for? Let us know in the comments below!


Image credit: Nintendo/HBO, edited by Willie Clark

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