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Here Are Your Art Nominees for the 2015 Geekie Awards

Here Are Your Art Nominees for the 2015 Geekie Awards

The Geekie Award nominees are in, and we’re getting ever-closer to the award ceremony on October 15 at the Barker Airport Hangar in Santa Monica. But before the award ceremony festivities, let’s get to know the nominees. This year’s nominees for art are all crazy-talented, and manage to bring together their love of geekery and their love of art together in beautiful ways. Let me introduce to you the artists nominated this year.


sacha goldberger

Sacha is a well-established artist and has published several books through publishers like Chronicle and Harper Collins. Though his artwork has always had a bit of a quirky slant to it, his latest series is a little more on the geeky side: pop culture figures with a bit of a twist. Questions like “what if the Hulk was a Duke?” and “what if Superman was born in the 16th century?” inspired this latest series, and they are nothing short of fantastic. Using 17th century techniques, Sacha draws everyone’s favorite fictional heroes in the style of one of the Flemish painters of that time period. It’s imaginative and cool, and brings together two types of art that normally never interact. If you want to follow Sacha, you can check out his website, subscribe to his Youtube channel, like him on Facebook, or follow him on Tumblr.



Splash Heroes is a series taken for a calendar, tipping its hat to the superhero genre as well as the fun of paint fighting. The team at AurumLight used dyed milk to create the colorful splashes, giving the models a unique and completely amazing superhero look. It was an understandably messy process which presented unique challenges, like getting the milk to splash in just the right shapes. I can’t imagine how long they worked on that Wonder Woman lasso. If you want to learn more about the project, check out this set-up video on Vimeo, and follow AurumLight on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.



AJ Frena is an artist who focus on creating surreal images of wildlife. While AJ does mixed media art in Photoshop as well as using traditional means such as acrylics, watercolors, and pen. AJ studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and has been featured in galleries like Margulies Collection and Onassis Cultural Center. You can check out AJ’s other work on their website, or follow AJ on Tumblr.


patrick ballesteros

Patrick is an illustrator that focuses on creating art that helps to reawaken your inner child. Each of his illustrations are a labor of love meant to bring you back to your childhood days and evoke a serious case of those nostalgic feels. In addition to his adorable illustrations (seriously, Jason Voorhees has never looks more adorable and lovable), Patrick teaches and is a dad to his little boy. If you want to get to know Patrick a bit better, check out his website, subscribe to his YouTube channel, and follow him on Twitter and Facebook.


Jackie Huang

Jackie is a bit different from the rest of the bunch, as her art doesn’t come from photography, a program, or paint. Instead, Jackie creates beautiful images with paper art. She uses something as ordinary and everyday as paper, and works to transform it into a beautiful masterpiece, showing her fans that you can find beauty in your everyday life. She creates everything from pop-ups, to typography, and more “traditional” pictures. It’s truly breathtaking. If you want to learn more about Jackie and her art, you can keep up with her on her website or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

What do you think of this year’s art nominees? Whose art do you want to have hanging on your wall? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to see the Geekie Awards ceremony on October 15 either live or via livestream!

Image credit: Sacha Goldberger/, Sacha Goldberger/, Splash Heroes/, AJ Frena/, Patrick Ballesteros/, Jackie Huang/

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