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Her Universe Fashion Show at SDCC: A Look Behind the Curtain

Her Universe Fashion Show at SDCC: A Look Behind the Curtain

This year marks the 3rd annual Her Universe Fashion show and competition at San Diego Comic-Con. Geek fashion brand Her Universe showcases their latest looks on the runway, followed by a fandom-inspired fashion competition, showcasing dozens of handmade couture styles by the top talent in the geek fashion scene.

Competition is intense, with each designer vying for one of three spots that will win them a chance to design a fashion collection with Her Universe, which will be sold at Hot Topic.

We were able to get a look behind the scenes, to give fans a glimpse into the world geek fashion.

The final day begins in the early morning light, with another runway rehearsals, and then straight into hair and makeup to prepare for a runway photo shoot of each look, and then a pre-judging session for the judges to get a good look at each outfit in proper lighting before the show even starts.

By 5PM, the stress level is relieved a bit by the finishing up of judging, and interviews, and touch ups begin in earnest for the 6PM start time.

The Hyatt Grand Ballroom was filled to the gills once again for the show, with some fans waiting since noon that day to enter the show. The looks this year were markedly at a higher level than past years, with contestants showing markedly more effort in creating dramatic and large garments, as well as many that transformed (much like the last two years’ winners’ did), or had light up elements to it.

After the last design walked the aisle, ballots were counted and the dramatic ending drew near. With a breathless yell, Her Universe founder Ashley Eckstein announced the winners.

The judges’ winner was Hannah Kent, for her look, “Oh What a Gown… What a Lovely Gown.”



The audience winner was Camille Falciola for her look, “I Solemnly Swear I am Up to Couture.”



However, for every single designer, the effort, talent, and just a huge amount of heart put into their contest entry garments was visible in every stitch. Although all of the designers were rivals, it was very clear that they had all become connected through this emotional and amazing experience.

In fact, Camille Falciola’s dress, which featured disappearing ink heat technology built into the dress to make the Marauder’s Map appear “magically” on the runway when triggered, wasn’t functioning properly until the day of the show. However, fellow contestant Selina Zawacki offered her assistance and let Camille borrow several items from her technology arsenal she had brought to the show, since her design also featured electrical technology. Camille’s dress ended up working perfectly, thanks to the gracious actions of a fellow geek girl.


Selina with her model sporting her illuminated Harry Potter-themed Patronus gown, called “Always Dress.”


Despite the idea that most have that a reality show fashion competition is about tearing down your opponent, it was very clear that this contest was about building each other up, and creating more bonds within the geek community.

What a great time to be a nerd.

This year, Her Universe will also announce a third winner, who will be chosen by viewers online after the series finale airs on Comic-Con HQ, on July 28. Hop onto their site and make sure to vote!

Which dress was your favorite? Check out all of our photos of the fashion show in the gallery below!

Feature Image and Gallery Image Credit: Kate Hopscotch



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