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Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium: A LARPer’s Tale

Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium: A LARPer’s Tale

LARPing is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone. There are no boundaries on experience, age, or gender. Not even time and space itself can

limit it. Over the weekend, I infiltrated a ship that was travelling through time and space on steam power, otherwise known as the Her Royal Majesty’s Steampunk Symposium in Long Beach, California.

Once I had adjusted to the the wibbly wobbly time and space continuum, I took the time to get to know some of the characters around me and find out what exactly drew them to this wonderful alternate reality.

These three girls go by the name of Miss Clockwork Eva, Echo and Matilda What!?. No, it’s not a question, her name was literally Matilda What?! But with a past like hers, it’s not surprising she’s a little turned around. Matilda What?! was trapped in a tomb for two decades until she was saved by her honored deity CleoCATra. Once she escaped, she quickly met Echo and Miss Clockwork Eva who joined together to make an excellent scavenging team. These three can take any trinket and turn it into treasure.

When I asked them what was the inspiration for their characters, Matilda admitted that it was look of steampunk that drew her in first, mostly because she thought, “hey, I could make that”. Miss Clockwork Eva had a background in jewelry making and found that her personal style lent itself to steampunk. Echo was introduced to the genre by her late brother and stuck with it because she has so much fun. Matilda What?!, Echo and Miss Clockwork Eva are the perfect addition to your party if you want extra loot bonuses and scavenging points.

The next person I met was a lovely woman named Lady Emma Jones. She was out for a midday stroll underneath the lifeboats. Between her many archeological expeditions all across the world, she still takes the time to enjoy herself and smell the roses.

So I sat down with Lady Emma and asked her a little bit about her life before she stepped foot on this ship of dreams. Turns out that Lady Emma is a history teacher and a real life archeologist. She’s travelled the world and gone on several excavations. Lady Emma loves incorporating history into her character and also allows herself to play with events and replace it with her own steampowered ideas. Lady Emma is a perfect addition to any team that needs a boost of knowledge.

The next adventurers I met in the lower levels of the ship: two engineers Ruby McCloud and Geneva Rockeman. These two girls have studied everything from inter-dimensional physics to training with the navy seals. For them, toughness is just a tool of the trade.

When I asked them what made them want to be engineers, they told me that they were watching Doctor

Who and thought to themselves, “You know when the Doctor chooses his companions, why doesn’t he pick women who could help fix the TARDIS when it breaks, or could infiltrate an alien base with precise military training.” They’ve dedicated their lives to being the best Time and Space Engineers this side of the Big Bang. I asked what they would do if the Doctor approached them today, the girls just laughed. “At this point, he couldn’t afford us.” With these two engineers, your party is will able to handle any disaster that falls upon your vessel.

As I was retreating from the steam of the boilers, I ran into Ti Tran. I thought this threatening looking woman would shake me down and take all of my hard earned trophies. But I managed to talk my way out of any real trouble by making her an offer she couldn’t refuse: an exclusive interview!

When I asked what the inspiration for her character was she told me, it came from what was in her closet. However, what she lacked in preparation she made up for with commitment. When I asked her what she liked to do besides LARP, she told me she liked to shoot people. Only instead of a gun, she uses a camera. For more of her work, check out the gallery below! Ti Tran is the perfect party member for stealth or cunning.

That’s only a small chunk of all the amazing people I met on my adventures on the HRM’s Steampunk Symposium. For more incredible photos, check out the gallery. Until next time, safe travels!

Written by Stevie Wegrzyn

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