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Help KaBOOM! Give Kids A Better Tomorrow This International TableTop Day

Help KaBOOM! Give Kids A Better Tomorrow This International TableTop Day

Imagine a world without play, without exploration, without joy. Just try to think of your life spent moving one place to another without rest. There’s no time in the sunlight, no friends to call on. Your world moves at a snail’s pace as it lumbers along every hour of every day. For most people, this would be a nightmare. For over 16 million children, this is their reality.

KaBOOM! is a national nonprofit dedicated to bringing play into the lives of all kids, particularly those growing up in poverty in America. And this year, we couldn’t be more excited to support this amazing organization with your help on International TableTop Day.

With recess time declining in school and art classes being slashed by budgets, the act of playing is becoming a rare activity for adolescents across the United States. Add the fact that many children, especially in low-incoming communities, don’t have access to safe areas to play within walking distance of their homes and you start to understand the urgency of bringing stimulating activities to communities in every neighborhood.

Play is important. Running, jumping, learning; play allows children to develop not just their bodies but also their minds as they develop strategies and solve puzzles. In working together, children build much needed social skills and aid in building a community. They’re not just playing tag on the field; they’re building a world one interaction at a time.

How is KaBOOM! managing to change the world to bring more play to everyone? With your help, of course. Their Play Everywhere contest will award a million dollars to cities with innovative and meaningful way to create play within their communities. Recently, the organization combined forces with the 50 Fund and the NFL Foundation to tackle the problem by turning streets, sidewalks, and empty lots into different spaces for kids to play.

It’s no wonder that KaBOOM! will be this year’s charity for International Tabletop Day. With their focus on community and bringing people together through play, there’s no one else who would be a better fit or understand the importance of a good game. So this year when you sit down to catch one of your favorite faces on G&S Live, look for that donate button just below the player and start giving to this amazing nonprofit. You’ll be able to keep track of all the money viewers like you donate throughout the day. There will be records to break, prizes to give away, and dancing – lots of dancing.

To learn more about KaBOOM! or see what you can do to help out their mission of play, you can check out the KaBOOM! Facebook page or head over to their website. This year, shouldn’t every child have a turn to play? Thanks to you and KaBOOM!, that can become a reality.

Feature Image Credit: KaBOOM!

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