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Have a Magical Dungeons and Dragons Christmas

Have a Magical Dungeons and Dragons Christmas

This time of year, you might think to yourself, “This Dungeons & Dragons game is great, but what it really needs is some holiday theme. Maybe even specifically Christmas.” Well guess what, you’re not the first person to think of this. There are actually tons of homebrewed D&D add-ons out there to help you to get into the role of DM Santa.


Over the years, many editions of D&D have benefited from people’s creativity in crafting holiday adventures, like elves in a factory. It’s a Christmas miracle.krangles-workshop

The Darkest Night. Found over on Tribality, this well-fleshed out adventure sends a group of 1st level (or higher) characters fight to save Kringlefest and it’s patron gnome Kringle from the dreaded Krampus.

Krangel’s Workshop. This adventure for 10th level characters turns the tables and has them actually fight the Santa-like figure. It’s short, but sweet, with a tasty little map. It does seem to be missing stats for enemies, so you may need to improvise.

A Very Merry Giftmas. A single, lengthy encounter including Jolly Goblins and Merry Bugbears. It’s pay-what-you-want, but it’s nice to support your independent game publishers this time if year, so be generous.


The big red saint isn’t always a good guy, and even when he is, it’s nice to have stats for him on hand for that final battle with the Grinch. People seem to love to stat him out, so you’re covered.

5e Santa Stats. A thorough take on Santa, including details on his “lair” and all sorts of creative special abilities.

Santa Claus! A detailed and beautiful take on Santa, paying homage to his mythological roots while adhering to fellow gamers’ calls to make him a Bard. Lots of stats and of info on his magical items.

Meet the Party: D&D Christmas Edition. The wonderful folks at the Mad Adventurers Society put together this 10th level adventuring party including Santa as a mountain dwarf, and his 3 elven companions (with a fun nod to The Santa Clause).


krampsIf you look into those adventures above, you’ll notice that Krampus, the creature from Austro-Bavarian Alpine folklore, plays a central role as an adversary. Here are a few takes on the goat-devil-man.

Krampus #1. First off, redditor PoundTown00 put together this thrillingly evocative monster. This one might just solve all of your Krampus needs, especially if your adventuring party is low level. He’s only challenge rating 5, but he’s got legendary actions like Birch Switch and Solstice Stalker to take advantage of.

Krampus #2. If you’re looking for something simple, this elegant challenge rating 3 version of the Krampus is an easy one to work with.

Krampus #3. Finally, redditor flatlander00321 has this fearsome version of the holiday monster. This one is perfect for your more seasoned seasonal adventurers.

Other Presents Under the Tree

Here are a few miscellaneous treats to be found:

Santa Pact for Warlocks. If you ever wanted to theme your magic user around delivering mysterious packages in the dead of night and knowing who’s bad or good, this pact is for you.

Mr. Snowman. Monster stats for the season’s most horrific magically animated snow monstrosity.

Deck the Dungeons. If you’re just looking for a host of holiday player options, this one’s a nice little supplement that’s pay-what-you-want over on the DM’s Guild. Again, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity for giving and pay generously if you can.


Any other ideas for frosty encounters against moralistic gift givers or takers? Any special games planned this holiday season? Tell us about it in the comments.

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