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How Artists Are Creatively Using Twitch

How Artists Are Creatively Using Twitch

As you might have heard, Twitch recently announced the launch of a new Creative section on its site that enables artists to communicate directly with their audience while they paint or draw. This is a bold new step for the streaming channel that’s usually known for streaming live gameplay sessions and tournaments, although the company did take steps in offering up services for musical artists last year.

To celebrate, the streaming channel has held a marathon celebrating the late artist Bob Ross, with over 400 episodes of his painting programs being streamed in a row. These broadcasts have been an marked success for the Creative service, as thousands of fans tuned in to interact with the program through enjoyable chat sessions.

So what can this new Creative avenue do for Twitch artists? Plenty. Below, you’ll find a few examples of artists that are already using the service to creative means, and the door is certainly open for new ones to come in and show off their talents…


G&S Adobe

This channel, sponsored by key Creative partner Adobe, is a solid venue for artists to create their works of art live. There are already a number of artists that make use of this channel, although Adobe is welcoming new ones with open arms if they’re willing to fill out an application. (Potential artists can also reach out to the company via Twitter at @adobe.) The channel has a pre-set schedule, including particular artists on specific days (like Mentor Sundays with Suzanne Helmigh), so would-be artists should tune in to learn a tip or two.


G&S Unico

One of the more popular artists to embrace the Creative channel, U_N_I_C_O specializes with a number of tools, including mechanical graphite pencils, general charcoal pencils, and pastels. In addition, he also offers commissions for those that are interested in his work, going from $150 on up. As you can see from the Bob Ross example above, he’s definitely someone that doesn’t take his work lightly.


G&S Maureen

Maureen Hiebert is an inspired freelance illustrator with plenty of experience under her belt, including a Wolf Hunters web comic, a full portfolio and more. She runs a stream that goes live three to four days per week, showing what she can do with her impressive array of tools. Those that wish to support her can do so through a number of donation means, and can also check out her work on Wolf Hunters here.


G&S Poose

Last but certainly not least, John, aka P00se2, specializes in a number of drawing skills that fans have enjoyed. He has a full DeviantArt gallery that showcases his best work, and really has a great step-by-step process. With over 5,000 subscribers to his credit already, he’s definitely a key factor in Creative’s success.

Those who wish to learn more about Twitch’s Creative channels can explore it right here.

Cover image source: Newsweek

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