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Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton! Great Presents for the Tabletop Gamer in Your Life

Happy Birthday Wil Wheaton! Great Presents for the Tabletop Gamer in Your Life

Our tabletop-loving fearless leader, Wil Wheaton, is having a birthday! And truth be told, we’ve been wracking our brains for the perfect present for our favorite tabletop gamer. Finding something for the TT warrior who has everything, as well as the gamer with board games fully stocked on his shelves, can be a bit of a challenge. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of some awesome gifts—ranging in size and price—that are perfect for anyone who loves tabletop gaming, from someone hosting a web show on tabletop games to your best gaming buddies.

Custom-Made Dice

Image Source: @andrewkucy/
A great set of dice is critical for any campaign, so getting the gamer in your life a beautiful new set of dice (like the ones we saw in our #ShowUsYourDice movement) is a great gift. There are tons of sites on the web–and vendors that you can meet at conventions–that make amazing dice sets. Regardless of your friend’s style, chances are there is a dice maker out there who can make make a dice set perfect for them.

Custom Made Dice Bag

Dice Bag

Image Source: MysticMailCreation/

Almost as important as a solid set of dice is a reliable dice bag. If there are thousands of custom-made dice variations, there are millions of variations on dice bags (like the scale mail bag pictured above—seriously, you can buy a scale mail dice bag). You can get the tabletop adventurer in your life one extra-fancy bag, or you can buy them a couple cheaper options with different themes and designs. Consider buying dice to match the bag you get for them or match the game that they’re playing. Maybe a good Titansgrave-themed set is just what the gamer in your life needs.

Customized Game Pieces

board games enhanced
Tabletop games often miss out on an opportunity to create some really awesome game pieces—usually in the name of keeping the price down. Of course, that leaves you the opportunity to fill that void yourself, because you can actually order custom-made game pieces to your friend’s favorite game. There are tons of sites out there dedicated to just that—Board Games Enhanced being one of them. Offering pieces that either are enhanced versions of the actual game pieces or ones that have a personal meaning to you and the gamer is a fun way to help make games a little more personal to you and your gamer loved one.

Gaming Table

Image Source: The Game Tavern/
Playing on regular kitchen tables can be tough. Kitchen tables aren’t really made with elaborate tabletop games in mind. Depending on your table situation at home, there can often be a space issue on game nights. While this is a bit of a more expensive gift, giving the tabletop enthusiast in your life a custom-made table made to handle their favorite tabletop game can be the perfect birthday present. You can commission a table made to house one specific game, or you can make a table that can accommodate a slew of different tabletop games. Either way, a sturdy gaming table can help take a bit of stress out of game nightwhile also adding a cool conversation piece to their home.

Gaming-Inspired Accessories

Stones of Frost
Image Source: Stones of Frost/
With sites like ThinkGeek, getting your gamer clothes, an accessory, or some sort of kitchen/houseware accessory is easier than ever. A gift like this is perfect for the gamer who already has all of the perfectly customized game pieces and rare versions of their favorite game. What’s even better about straying from the usual gifts of games and game pieces is that, like the Stones of Frost pictured above—a gaming-inspired gift can actually be super useful and practical while also being stuffed to the gills with geeky awesomeness.

Tabletop-Inspired Cake

DD Cake
Image Source: Dungeons and Dragons Cake/
Half the fun of a birthday is the treats you get to eat. Instead of buying a boring old supermarket sheet cake or making one with instant cake batter from a box; maybe commission a cake that has a bit more going for it than just sugar, eggs, and milk. Find a baker who can make you a cake that is inspired by your friend’s favorite tabletop game, and then decorate the table around the cake. Depending on your budget and your baker, you can find yourself with an amazing tabletop cake that’s almost too fancy to eat—alm0st.

Surprise Tabletop Party

tentacle party
Tentacle party, tabletop party, whatever floats your boat, I guess…
Throwing the gamer in your life a surprise party that does not include awkward small talk, awkward dancing, and a destroyed house is a gift in itself, but throwing a tabletop surprise party can be even better. Either invite a few friends over for a smaller, more intimate tabletop party, or invite a bunch of your favorite gamers for a huge blowout (maybe even host it in your local game store). Throwing a fabulous tabletop party can also help take the pressure off yourself to find your gamer the perfect gaming gift.

A Life-Sized Board Game

Life Sized Board Game
 Image Credit: The Hacktory/
While getting a life-sized version of a more elaborate tabletop game like Betrayal at House on the Hill or Catan might be a challenge, you can pretty easily whip up a life-sized version of your favorite classic tabletop games. Pinterest is full of tutorials for setting up life-sized games, and it can be the perfect addition to a surprise tabletop party, or just a standalone activity with you, your gamer, and a few other buds. Besides, a life-sized game of Operation the most realistic medical fun you can have without—you know—actually becoming a doctor and getting sued for malpractice.

Themed Chess Set

whovian chess

Image credit: EldalinSkywalker/
Chess is one of the oldest tabletop games around, and it’s a bit like a filled bookshelf in that having a chess set on display can instantly make you look a bit smarter and classier. Even if your tabletop companion isn’t a big chess player, buying them a cool chess set that either hearkens to their favorite fandom (like this Whovian one Wil posted on his Tumblr) or just a generally cool chess set can be a really unique decoration for anyone’s home.
What are some of the gifts you’ve given a gamer in your life? What are some tabletop-related gifts you’d like to receive? Let me know in the comments! 
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