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Happy Birthday, Felicia Day! Love, Geek & Sundry

Happy Birthday, Felicia Day! Love, Geek & Sundry

Have you heard the word? Have you felt the feeling? Did you see it written in the stars last night after midnight? It’s a magical day here at G&S HQ, because our fearless leader and betty of badassitude, Felicia Day, turned another year older. That’s right: it’s her birthday! And because of that we decided to celebrate her the only way the Internet knows how: by embarrassing her (hopefully) with our proclamations of love and adoration (and a dash of semi-creeperdom to boot because, well, Internet).

Felicia has touched a lot of people’s lives, and for those of us that get to call the hallowed halls of Geek & Sundry our workhome, that influence is unending and constant. Most of us grew up on the shows that Felicia played major parts in — Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog — to say nothing of the epic awesomeness of The Guild, which basically birthed G&S.

But don’t just take this particular associate editor’s word for it: here’s a mini batch of love letters from the people here at Geek & Sundry, just to show you how much we care, Felicia. And we do! We really, really do-oo!


Happy Birthday Felicia! You may not know this about me, but I have been a fan of yours for a long time… the proof is in my Instagram.

Cast of @theguild! #comikaze

A photo posted by @geek_is_in on

Thanks for being an inspiration to ladies such as myself who fight the good fight of being comfortable in our own skin while learning to be proud of the quirks that make us unique.


Dear Felicia, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! That is in all caps so you know I mean it. Thank you for creating Geek & Sundry and allowing us to work here even though most if not all of us have creepy “afar” pictures of you from various conventions previous to our time at the company. [cough Claudia cough]

Geeking out big time… Felicia Day is feet in front of my #CES #theguild #2013CES A photo posted by @geek_is_in on

And thank you for bringing us pooping figurines from your Europe trips. It means a lot you would think of us when you see them. Hope your year is filled with much happiness and all the dance-your-ass-off dance parties you could want.


Felicia – happy birthday! May there be many Peupie’s and Anuss’s to come. Cheers!


Did someone say creeper photo? Circa 2009 — that’s right, My master plan is *at least* 6 years in the making. Thanks for being born, and for being an inspiration to many for finding that perfect balance of growing-up/not growing-up. The years march on, but you’ve shown us the secret of never aging.



I don’t have any fun creeper photos, but I’ve always admired Felicia’s tenacity, wit, and wherewithal to be herself despite all the BS out there in the world telling us otherwise. (Also: Penny! Vi! Mag from Dollhouse! <3) I also appreciate how not-creeped-out Felicia was when I introduced myself to her for the first time …in the bathroom at work, which I’m pretty sure is like Number One on the list of “Things You Should Probably Not Do When Making a First Impression.” So thanks for being aces, showing boss-lady feminist nerds how to kill it by being themselves, and generally just making a fun webhome for all of us!


After I watched The Guild on Netflix, Felicia kept on popping up on my recommended show lists. Then Felicia’s face was the hold screen for my Chromecast.


I didn’t know it, but I became a fan. But then! I saw she had a company and I added it on LinkedIn. Then I got a job. Now she’s my boss and it’s great.

OK, folks: now it’s your turn! Leave your wishes of celebration and adoration for our fearless leader in the comments. Oh, and:


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