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G&S Weekly Wrap-Up – Horror Gaming, Jeopardy! Fails, Hardcore GM’ing & More

G&S Weekly Wrap-Up – Horror Gaming, Jeopardy! Fails, Hardcore GM’ing & More

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap-Up, where we highlight some of the articles and videos that have gone up over the past week that you might have missed!



Charlie Theel describes the game best: “You’re sitting in a chair and all you know is darkness. Sitting upon the ridge of your nose is a pair of blackout glasses. They separate you from the outside world and what is familiar. You’re not really at a table playing a game – you’re in the woods, lost and trying to find your friends. Someone is chasing you. Your heart races. This is Nyctophobia from Pandasaurus Games, one of the most unique designs this hobby has seen.”

TEASER: We’re Alive: Frontier Season 2

The suspenseful RPG thriller adventure is back with GM Ivan Van Norman back at the helm! Based on the podcast We’re Alive, you can expect new adventures to premiere October 16th on Alpha. New members, use the code INFECTED for a 60-day trial over on

VIDEO: Jeopardy! Contestants Fail at the Video Games Category


Jessica Fisher showed us how Jeopardy! contestants were especially challenged with a category on video games, failing on questions about Fortnite and The Elder Scrolls. It is fun to watch them try, though.



Kelly Knox got a chance to talk to Critter and video editor Kelly Joule, better known to some fellow fans as CritGem, who worked some magic on a fantastic D&D Beyond ad, getting insight and showcasing the awesome contributions the SFX editor has provided the community.

DEEP DIVE: How GHOSTBUSTERS Influenced Modern Tabletop RPGs


Rob Wieland took a deep dive into a roleplaying game that has influenced the genre, but is often overlooked: the Ghostbusters RPG. He makes a case for how the game influenced the genre, and how you can still see the innovations it brought to RPGs in games such as the Star Wars Roleplaying Game.

GAME THE GAME: Becca Brought Cute Woodland Animals (And War) To The Tabletop With Root


This week Becca showed us How to Play the adorable area-control game by Leder Games, Rootand was joined by friends to play it on Game the Game.

GM TIPS: The GM Power Gamer – RPG’ing on Hard More

Powergame Featured

For the GM who wants to walk in the footsteps of Gary Gygax (notorious for killing players at his table) Rick Heinz brought you fantastic tips for both players and GMs who are looking to play in a hardcore way in this week’s GM Tips for Hardcore Gaming.



Image Credits: Jeopardy!, Charlie Theel, Critical Role, Rob Wieland, A Hand of Cards by Hugo Cardenas. Art and animations at: and Youtube


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