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Grog Playlist 2016 — Long May You RAGE

Grog Playlist 2016 — Long May You RAGE


Oh, we’re making another of these? Well, I really only have songs that I destroy things to, and songs about smashing and anger, so…

Enjoy these during your next workout. And long may you RAGE.

Travis Willingham — Grog’s Playlist 2016

Indestructible — Disturbed
I kinda feel this way sometimes. Especially when raging, and when my buddy Pike is there for a heal up. Our enemies done $%#&’d up!

Bleeding Out — Imagine Dragons
I kinda feel this way when my buddy Pike isn’t there to patch me up. Also my preferred state any day over having to shop for stuff.

Freak on a Leash — Korn
That’s me. Vox Machina is the leash.

Stupify — Disturbed
This is a Harry Potter spell, right?

You’re My Best Friend — Queen
For my “Letters” teacher.

Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman)
Lift the heavy stuff.

Lost in the Echo — Linkin Park
Good song to run to. Or lift farm animals.

Headstrong — Trapt
Applies to my enemies. Currently, Thordak.

The Buzz (featuring Mataya & Young Tapz)
Again, lift the heavy stuff.

Not Afraid — Eminem
Me and my crew. We ain’t afraid of yo punk ass cuz we came to wreck shit.

You can listen to Grog’s 2015 playlist through this link.

Featured image credit: Nick Robles

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