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Great Serialized Podcasts You Need to Listen to

Great Serialized Podcasts You Need to Listen to

As wonderful as stand-alone podcasts episodes are, there’s something special about the shows telling stories over the course of several episodes or even seasons. These serialized podcasts not only keep things interesting but manage to maintain consistent plots and characters. Here’s a few serialized podcasts worth checking out.



In Season 1, Startup follows the story of Alex Blumberg as he starts his own podcast network. It’s a great behind-the-scenes look into starting and running a business. Alex is pretty transparent with his struggles and difficulties giving this show a very real perspective. Season 2 follows yet another business just getting started.



Wormwood is a hidden town where mystery lives. Everyone has their secrets and this serialized podcast follows Dr. Xander Crowe as he investigates a murder in the small town. The podcast has a full cast of characters, plots and three seasons of intrigue for fans of supernatural and mystery.



Of course, Serial may be the “it” podcast of the moment. With great success, Serial peaked the interest of many first-time podcast listeners. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Serial follows a reporter as she investigates an old murder of a high school girl. She goes back through the evidence, talks to witness and spins it all into a beautiful storytelling web.

Welcome to Night Vale


Night Vale isn’t a traditional town and therefore it isn’t a traditional podcast. While it may or may not technically be serialized, there are recurring characters and plots. Listening in order just seems to make the most sense to me and overall gives the series the feel of serialized cohesiveness rather than individual episodes.
What’s your favorite serialized podcast? Let us know in the comments!

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