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Gotta Catch ‘Em All in Pokémon D&D!

Gotta Catch ‘Em All in Pokémon D&D!

Remember that episode of Pokémon when all of the Pokémon were separated from their trainers and had to work together? Ever wonder what would happen if they never reunited with Ash? Well, I have, and that’s led to many sleepless nights imagining how I would function as a Pokémon in a trainer-less world. Since I’ve turned many a fandom into D&D PC’s, I decided to attempt a DnD mashup again, but this time with Pokémon as the playable characters. It’s Pokémon D&D, y’all!


Bulbasaur is the first Pokémon you find in the Pokédex and the first of the classic starters Ash encounters, so it’s fitting that we’ve started our sheets with this awesome ‘mon. Since Bulbasaur are grass types, I’ve chosen to make this PC a druid aligned with the Circle of the Land. Ash’s Bulbasaur originally worked as a bodyguard for the sick and injured Pokémon of the Hidden Village and despised all trainers, leading Bulbasaur to be neutral good. In addition to spells similar to Bulbasaur’s classic attacks, such as thorn whip, this Bulbasaur would also pick up healing spells and spells that help it communicate and interact with other Pokémon. Play as this Pokémon when you want to be a slightly stand-offish healer who can pack a mean punch.




The next of the original starters Ash caught was Charmander. Given this charmander’s penchant for flamethrower and, as he evolves, his habit of setting fire to his trainer, I’ve chosen to make this charmander PC chaotic neutral and a sorcerer with a draconic bloodline. I don’t care that Charizard couldn’t learn fly in Red/Blue, this charmander will eventually sprout wings and soar to the heavens! coughs So…when playing as this lizard I gravitated to as many fire spells as I could find. I also decided that charmander would probably be a red dragonborn, giving it a fire breath weapon in addition to more standard fire and light spells. Also, since Ash’s charmander was originally abandoned by its jerk of a trainer, Damien, this charmander PC took the urchin background.




Squirtle was Ash’s sixth Pokémon, and the last of the original starters to join his party. Ash’s Squirtle was originally the leader of the Squirtle Squad, a bunch of squirtle who were abandoned by their trainers and worked together to cause mischief. The mischievous squirtle weren’t actually bad, however, as they ultimately became the official fire fighters of the official town. Therefore, I’ve made Squirtle chaotic neutral, though it may shift to chaotic or neutral good as it levels up. Since Squirtle is a water Pokémon, I’ve chosen to make him a druid that joined the Circle of the Land in a coastal region. Squirtle focuses on water attacks and a strong defense to get by. I’ve chosen to make Squirtle quite dextrous, since Ash tends towards dexterity and adaptability as a trainer, but if you choose to play as a random squirtle, you may want to reduce the dexterity in favor of a different stat.




What sort of Pokemon D&D would this be if we only played as good guys? Meowth, that’s right and Team Rocket’s Meowth is a great PC for this set. In my head, Meowth is obviously a rogue, tending towards stealing trinkets and using daggers and other sharp weapons to get its way. I’ve chosen to make this Meowth a charlatan, given Team Rocket’s love of disguises, but it could just as easily work with a criminal background. As a cat and a thief, Meowth would have a high dex, but, as a member of Jesse and James’ crew, Meowth isn’t exactly the most con-heavy PC. By making Meowth a high elf, I increased the PC’s natural dex and gave it darkvision, a useful skill for a thief. As a juxtaposition to Ash’s Pokémon, I’ve made Meowth chaotic evil, though we could have a debate about whether Meowth is evil or more neutral. Leave a comment with your opinion below.




Of course we’re rounding out this list with Ash’s first Pokémon and long-time companion, Pikachu! Pikachu, like many of Ash’s Pokémon, had been abandoned by previous trainers and is wary of humans, though Ash soon earns its trust. I chose to make his Pikachu a monk to focus on his dexterity and constitution, since Pikachu is a quick mover and never goes down without a fight. Although I think Pikachu should start as a monk to allow for its dextrous nature, taking the Way of the Four Elements to give it thunder attacks, you may want to multiclass your Pikachu as a sorcerer at higher levels. Being a sorcerer would allow Pikachu to learn additional thunder and lightning spells, such as lightning bolt, but it didn’t feel right as the starting class for Pikachu. I could definitely see someone roleplaying as Pikachu and using its tail to perform Fist of the Four Thunders.



And that’s our first round of Pokémon D&D! Did you agree with our choices? Have suggestions of your own? Which Pokémon would you like us to tackle next? Let us know in the comments!

Character Sheets Created By: Ailea Merriam-Pigg

All Images Credited to: Pokemon Company International

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