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Gifts for Gamers Who Have Every Game (Or Just The Good Ones)

Gifts for Gamers Who Have Every Game (Or Just The Good Ones)

Do you have one of those annoying friends who backs every Kickstarter and pre-orders every game, so it makes it impossible to get them anything for the holidays? Fret not, because here are some gifts that are sure to please no matter just how many games that gamer has, at every price range. For our purposes, if it’s cheaper than 2 cups of fancy coffee at a chain café, it’s a generous gift.


The fact of the matter is that even if a game is much beloved, the act of sorting through a game (and however many expansions the best games may have), organising it and setting it up is zero fun. Worse still is putting the game away, which is negative fun. Box inserts help both these problems. Having everything organized means a game can be set up very quickly, and similarly putting the game away when everything has a home is just as fast.

Game organizers also make great gifts as most gamers would rather spend their money on toys than organizational items, so it’s both thoughtful and practical.

Generous Version: Broken Token Organizers

Blood Rage Storage

These laser-cut organizers are beautiful in how they look in the box, organize fiddly bits, make space for expansions, and protect games that have lovely miniatures in them that you can paint, keeping them from banging together and scratching a lovely paint job off. They also offer structure to the game box, meaning the game is much less likely to be crushed, which sometimes happen when games are much-loved but are stacked under other heavier games.

Cheap Version: Resealable Plastic Bags


A variety of  plastic bags, and lots of them, make fantastic stocking stuffer gifts and are available for a few dollars at the local craft or dollar store. Picking up plastic bags as small as 2″x1″ and all the way up to sandwich bags with zip-tops can hold all those tiny little tokens. Sure, many games come with bags, but most games never come with enough and when they do, they rarely provide a variety of sizes. If you can provide bags that can sort out all those tiny tokens each out into a right-sized bag (meaning the box isn’t just full of plastic bags), you can bet that the gamer in your life will love it. Trust me, there is nothing quite as satisfying when organizing a game, than a bag that is the perfect size for one specific set of tokens.



Perfect for roleplayers, tabletop wargamers, or even fans of miniature tabletop games who want to upgrade their gaming surface. Mats By Mars offer really affordable tablescape options (starting at $17) to lay the foundations for immersive tablescapes to upgrade a plain tabletop into a battleground. Additional benefits include wet-erase pen compatibility (meaning you can draw on them and wash it off) and printed overlays (grids, hexes and even game-specific overlays) so you don’t have to spend time measuring starting points and deployment zones meaning gamers can get to gaming faster.



I can’t tell you how useful bands that secure game boxes closed (meaning their contents remain inside and safe) are. A pack of specialty-made game box bands tends to run about $5, making them exceptionally practical yet an often overlooked game accessory because they’re neither flashy nor fancy.



Speaking of fancy, there’s nothing fancier than one that has a mechanical element to it, like the Mechanical Steampunk Dice Tower from Black Thumb Creations ($35). They recently came out with these mechanical laser-cut dice towers to supplement their Kickstartered dual-use Pocket Dice Tower ($25, now available on their website) which is perfect for the gamer who also tends to lose their dice.



Paper degrades the more we handle it, yet cards often make up key components to many games, meaning if they’re not well-cared for, they degrade from our love. You can never have too many sleeves, and the gift of a game’s longevity is something that is one that keeps on giving. Art card sleeves (like the ones featured above from Fantasy Flight) are not only pretty but functional, and are perfect for games that have a specific theme whose art would be a perfect match. They do run a little more expensive (around a dime per sleeve) than plain ones (around a penny per sleeve, but also make a great stocking stuffer).



As with cards, components made of cardboard only have so long before they eventually degrade. Metal coins beat cardboard tokens every day of the week, and you can pick up game-specific metal coins for the more popular games that use currency. The satisfying “tink” the money makes in your hand makes it feel like you’re going to win. Similarly, sculpted resin and acrylic resources (which not only trump paper tokens but also generic wooden blocks in various colors) have heft to them and also just look so very pretty (and you can get a bundle that will work with a lot of games with the Stonemaier Treasure Chest).

And what’s more adorable than the craziest buffet of wooden meeples tokens in various styles? You can buy kits to upgrade specific games, or you can go a little bit crazy and buy designs in bulk packs and before you know it you might end up swimming in a pool of meeples Scrooge McDuck style.


What kinds of gifts are on your wishlist? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Black Thumb Creations

Blog Photo Credits: Teri Litorco, The Broken Token, Stonemaier Games,, Black Thumb Creations, Mats by Mars

Teri has a lot of games and could probably use a new bookshelf, but wouldn’t ask someone to build Ikea shelves with her because she’s not that rich in friendship. Similarly useful gamer survival skills she’s learned are in her book, The Civilized Guide to Tabletop Gaming. You can follow her gaming adventures on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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