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Get To Know The Races Of Shield Of Tomorrow’s Crew
Shield of TomorrowShield of Tomorrow

Get To Know The Races Of Shield Of Tomorrow’s Crew

Every Wednesday at 9:30 PM , a talented crew roleplays their way to fulfill their mission and boldly go where no one has gone before. Join the adventures of the USS Sally Ride on Shield of Tomorrow on Twitch.

Star Trek Adventures is a really cool RPG when it comes to character creation. Unlike D&D where you choose how you want to play, shuffle your stats a bit and build your character’s personality through your games and their adventures, Star Trek Adventures bakes that personality into your character at the point of creation. As soon as you think of the Star Trek universe, it makes sense on why they do this; magic doesn’t exist (other than basically every medical procedure we’ve ever seen on the show) and EVERYBODY attends Starfleet Academy. You can’t just accidentally fall into command of a starship (despite what JJ Abrams would have us believe!)

For this reason, character creation in Star Trek Adventures puts a much heavier focus on the personality, beliefs and values of your character during the creation process. As we saw when I built Commander Riker, this process starts when you select your Species. Not only does it positively influence certain relevant attributes, it offers example Values that are relevant to that species. Remember, in Star Trek Adventures, Values describe the attitudes, beliefs, and convictions of the character. Said another way, Values are the cheat sheet that you as a player get to help guide the decisions of your character.

The crew of the USS Sally Ride are incredibly diverse, representing 5 different Federation species. While I can’t speak to the individual Values each of the crew selected, I can look at each of these species and the recommended Values from the rulebook that represent their typical beliefs.



Lt. Commander Throlo Sh’shirros, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Sally Ride is an Andorian. Andorians are an aggressive, passionate people coming from the moon of Andoria. As they are one of the founding races of the Federation of Planets, they are available to be played in all eras.

Selecting an Andorian gives you increases in Daring, Control, and Presence. Like all species choices, Andorians have access to two specific Talents (which are optional), as well as a Trait that helps them during gameplay. For Andorians, this is a range of abilities ranging from resistance to extreme cold, all the way to their general dislike of Vulcans. The example Value representing Andorians is “Proud son/daughter of Andoria.”



Ensign Lark Sage, Helm of the USS Sally Ride is a Bajoran. Bajorans are defined by two things; their belief in the Prophets and the occupation of Bajor by the Cardassians. During the occupation, many Bajorans escaped Bajor and fled to the corners of the Alpha quadrant, while those who remained were either forced into labor camps or acted as insurgents against Cardassian rule.

Selecting a Bajoran gives you increases in Control, Daring, and Insight. Their unique Talents focus on the religious aspect of the Bajoran faith, and their Trait harnesses a deep resentment of both Cardassians, as well as anyone who is dismissive of the suffering of the Bajoran people. The example Value for Bajorans is “Faith in the Prophets.”



Captain Rafael Martinez is Human (which seems to be a common theme for Captains in Starfleet, maybe it’s not as utopic as we thought). Since 99.99% of the Geek & Sundry audience claims to be Human, I’m going to skip the descriptor and jump straight into rules.

Humans are diverse and can select any 3 attributes to increase. Their Talents represent both the stubbornness of Humans, as well as their spirit of discovery. Their Trait focuses on this resilience and desire to explore the unknown. The example Value for Humans is “The drive for exploration.”



Commander Junil Rue, XO/Tactical Officer is a joined Trill. Trill appear to be human, except for the amazing spots, and the fact that their biology is compatible with symbionts and allows them to be joined. There are far more Trill then there are symbionts so the chances of encountering a joined Trill are far smaller than those of meeting an unjoined one.

Trill add to their Control, Presence, and Reason. Their Trait reflects their unique ability to be joined; they are resilient (unjoined) or even immune (joined) to parasitic infections but specifically vulnerable to venom that disrupts neurochemistry. Their example Value is “Four lifetimes of adventure.” Obviously, this represents a joined Trill, but there are a ton of narrative options for those who were never selected by the Symbiosis Commission.



Lt Cmdr T’Lan, Science Officer is a Vulcan. Vulcans are one of the oldest Star Trek races, responsible for Human First Contact, as well as one of the founding members of the Federation. They are stoic and value logic above all.

Vulcans add to their Control, Reason, and Fitness. Their Traits, like the Andorians, covers quite a bit from the harsh conditions of their homeworld, to their social awkwardness. They are the only species with 3 Racial Talents, the eponymous Mind Meld, the Nerve Pinch and finally the Kolinahr for those Vulcans who leveled up their lack of emotions. The example Value for Vulcans is “The needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

Hopefully this look at the different species gives you an insight into your favourite crew members. If you’re ready to catch the game in action, the crew of the USS Sally Ride flies every Wednesday at 9:30 PM PT on Twitch.

Image Credits: CBS

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