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Geeky Weekly – Fandom Gets Remixed

Geeky Weekly – Fandom Gets Remixed

It’s been another busy but fun week here at Geek & Sundry. Currently, we’re at the tail end of giShWheS (letters capitalized in accordance to the commandments). You either don’t know what that is or you’re currently trying to put a dog in battle armor. Either way, we’ll have an article next week explaining everything. I also found out something surprising about everyone in the G&S office – we all love anime. Old stuff, new stuff, and usually things we can’t get enough of; the office practically shuts down once we get thrown into anime tangent. (FYI: Princess Jellyfish should be mandatory viewing.) We’re including more anime articles for the site so keep an eye out for more in the coming week.

But now is no time for talking about anime. It’s time for you to catch up on some of the big articles this week. As for me, I need to start getting ready for the masquerade ball. What am I going wear?


What You Missed

Hijabi Lolita: Conversations on Faith, Fashion, and Fandom – Simply amazing and inspiring. If you want to find out where fandom and faith intersect, this is where you need to go.

Anime Recommendations For Fantasy Lovers – Let’s start out with our anime article for this week. If you happen to like dragons, swords, and a little magic mixed with action; we have the rundown of the best animes you need to be watching now.

Board Games You Can Play in Half an Hour or Less – Not every game needs to be a three hour epic session. Quick, easy, and fun; we collected some of our favorite games together that take nearly no time to play.

What Your Magic Deck Says About You – Don’t worry. We won’t judge you in this article for playing a blue deck. We’ll just be silently disappointed in you.

Robot Hitchhiker Murder Will Be The End of Us All – This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but with a decapitated hitchhicking robot. Thanks, Humanity.


What We’re Reading

High Quality Cosplay for Pups – I’m not saying that am going to buy a puppy just so it can wear a Link cosplay costume from HachiCorp, but this article from Fashionably Geek has me questioning that. He even has a little shield. Now if he just had a little Master Sword…

#ILookLikeAnEngineer – What does an engineer look like? You probably have an idea, and that idea is probably wrong. Buzzfeed pulls together pictures of women from the #ILookLikeAnEngineer campaign to show you that one picture can make a difference.

Fifth Grader gets fitted for a brand new 3D printed hand – TechCrunch found this story in our own back yard about a fifth grader getting a 3D printed hand. Sometimes we forget that technology is not just here to enslave us, but also change lives.

Express Your Feelings with New Star Wars Emojis – You will be able to finally show someone you love real affection with a smiley Yoda or maskless Vader. Nerdist dives into this free app that will help you tell your loved ones, “I know.”


What We’re Watching

LadyBaby – I think that it’s time that we had a talk about baby metal and the band, LadyBaby. There’s so much to love in this video; J-pop, metal, incredible outfits, and one of the best wrestler/pin-up models/movie reviewers in Japan.

I am Dog – If you have ever checked out our Periscope, then you are probably familiar with Geek & Puppy Time. After watching this news puppy, however, they seem rather lazy. Maybe we should start getting a couple of them to write up articles.

Space Jam 2 – Nerdist already reported that Space Jam 2 is in the works, but it looks like someone beat them to the punch. Check out this fan made film about shooting hoops with your favorite cartoon characters. Well – mostly.

Feature Image Source: LadyBaby

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