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These Geeky Valentine’s Day Presents Will Make Your Sweetie Say “I Know”

These Geeky Valentine’s Day Presents Will Make Your Sweetie Say “I Know”

Roses are expensive this time of year and they die really fast, too
Thrill and excite your geeky love with these gifts that make them squeal, “Thank you!”

Let’s get into it: with roses going for upwards of $100, there are so many better and cooler ways to make your Valentine feel special. Here’re a few of our top choices for your geeky significant other.


ThinkGeek has a selection of fantastic bouquets comprised of plushies. There are several themes including Vader & troopers, droids, puppies, dinosaurs, unicorns, and 2 types of kittens.


If you’ve got a gamer in your life, Wyrmwood Gaming‘s accessories are gifts that are as beautiful as they are practical. From beautiful dice towers, dice vaults, and deck boxes, these handmade items are simply stunning in their quality. They’re also guaranteed for life. You can also get them personalized and engraved, so if you’re looking for a gift box that is also a gift in and of itself, check them out.


Geeky Chocolates

Sweets So Geek makes fantastic chocolates in the geekiest themes that can be picked up online. The Fort Wayne business offers a variety of chocolates including 2 types of Millenium Falcon-themed truffles–one called the Kessel Run, filled with Nutella creme and bacon, and the Maple Falcon, filled with peanuts and maple creme. There’s also a ton of other geeky sweets including chocolate frogs, a chocolate molded carbonite Han called the Han Rolo, and even some geeky hot chocolate spoons.


Dice made of solid metal, exotic woods, stone, animal horn, or bone all have a special quality. Not only are these handcrafted dice not tumbled to round off the edges (throwing the balance and roll of the dice off), the weight of them in hand gives them a more substantial feel. That’s a huge gift in and of itself to any serious gamer. Maybe you won’t buy those crazy mammoth ivory dice, but a set of these will still be quite the treasure for the recipient.



If you don’t know where the phrases on these rings come from, this is probably not the right gift to be giving. However, Star Wars fans may just find these rings to be the perfect way to express their love and their fandom at the same time.


Circuit board Heart Pendants

The perfect geeky response to the annoying jewelry ads advertising diamond heart pendants, these circuit board hearts are beautiful, unique and upcycled from motherboards. Handmade and available on Etsy, these pendants are the perfect way to express your love for someone who loves tech.


Hobbit Garden Candle

Set the stage for a romantic night with scented soy candles. Made by Bubble and Geek, these long-burning candles can combine easily with a little bit of imagination for a fantastic romantic evening that won’t easily be forgotten. They also make lip balms to keep your lips kissably soft.

What was the most romantic geeky gift you’ve received? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: ThinkGeek, Wyrmwood Gaming (Fair Use)
Image Credits: ThinkGeek, Wyrmwood Gaming, Artisan Dice, Sweets So Geek, HardResols, Bubble And Geek

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